Monday, May 13, 2013

Turbulence in New York

By Mike Pestano

It's news to nobody that the New York Jets have hit a serious patch of turbulence. SBz first-time poster Mike Pestano shares his thoughts.

Qwatahback Contro

With the recent departure of Tim Tebow, Mark Sanchez is now ready to compete with the rookie from West Virginia, Geno Smith. And while Tim Tebow's short stay in New York was comical, the glorified backup setting records for jersey sales, inspiring a hellacious hailstorm of headlines and Broadway Joe expectations, no one is denying that Mark Sanchez is fortunate to still be a Jet.

Needless to say, the SoCal slinger's job ain't safe.

Sanchez threw for 2,883 yards with a passer rating of 66.9 last season, including 13 touchdown passes versus 18 interceptions. He also fumbled 14 times and lost eight. The most memorable fumble when he ran into his own linemen's ass. Since his career started in New York, Sanchez has thrown 68 touchdowns and 69 interceptions with a total of 12,092 passing yards, and last season was the second time in Sanchez's career where he turned the ball over 26 times.

This year, instead of one overly outspoken QB looming in his wake, Sanchez has four QBs looking to steal his starting spot in the 2013 roster:

  1. Veteran David Garrard, who was cut by the Dolphins early last season. 
  2. Greg McElroy, the 7th round draft pick in 2011, who has had only two career starts, both coming from last season. 
  3. Matt Sims, son of Phil Sims, who also played in New York, but for the Football Giants, leading them to a title in Super Bowl XXI and was also named MVP. 
  4. The rookie, Geno Smith, who has alot to prove. 
The most interesting pick of the lot is Geno by a longshot. His image of being a brat raised questions about his maturity. Now would be the time for Smith to show that draft night was just emotions and that he's ready to compete for his job at the next level.

Receiving Core in Disrepair

Now that the QB competition has begun, the million dollar question is who will make up the wide receiver core? We learned the hard way that Santonio Holmes can't do it all by himself. Wide receivers like Jeremy Kerley, who had 56 receptions going for 827 yards and only two touchdowns last season, will need step up along with unrestricted free agent Braylon Edwards.

No Mo' Revis, Bro

As for Rex Ryan and his defense, which was non existent last season and ranked 20th, he may be in the hot seat if not already. Not to mention the Jets weren't too good going at defenses last season either -- the Jets offense ranked 28th in the league and 30th in the aerial attack -- this all is compounded by the fact that management lost their prize possession, shut down corner Darrelle Revis.

Rex still continues to stick with his approach as he says he's done since the day he took this job, but the departure of Revis will have its impact. Losing the league's top cover corner that can come down and stop running backs in the backfield is a huge disadvantage. 

As for the passing defense, it will be tested the 1st week of preseason when Matthew Staffod and the Detroit Lions come into town. 

Random fact: Since 2008, Rex Ryan has an above 50 percent record in both regular season and post season play. Ryan's overall record is 38-32 during the regular season. He is also 4-2 in the post season.

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