Friday, February 15, 2013

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Google+/YouTube Hangout, Part Two: Genevieve Morton and Natasha Barnard

By Adam Maher

After making a complete fool out of myself in front of Hannah Davis, Emily DiDonato, Kate Bock and the entire internet two days ago on the SI Swimsuit Rookie Google+ YouTube Hangout live feed, the last thing I expected was to less than a day later be speaking with two more SI Swimsuit models in the exact same inter-frenetic situation. This time, instead of at home in my make-shift Bomani Jones sports studio, I found myself on-the-fly and at work in the Fanbrandz office. Furthermore, I was digitally invited into the Hangout by my new internet bro/famed-Googler Kyle Garcia and launched into live internet waves within less than a few minutes of getting settled. (*never fazed*)

Also different from the first go-around was the amount of people in this Hangout. Just four this time. Two broz and two models, instead of the first Hangout's five random fans (including pro footballer/super cool bro Jeremy Kelley and super hot Falcons cheerleader Erin Perez), three aforementioned models and SI game-killer Chis Mannix. This four-person situation, two broz and two models, made for a bizarro/amazing inter-web Valentine's Day double date, if you will. On one side, we had a South African dynamic model duo that consisted of the one and only Genevieve Morton, a four-year SI Swim veteran and possibly the most beautiful blonde bombshell I've ever exchanged with words, and Natasha Barnard, an SI rookie and self-proclaimed Instagram-eir who incredibly asked me what my favorite animal was -- zebra -- paired concomitant against Jesse Wojdylo, a UNC graduate bro and self-proclaimed Web Entrepreneur who happens to drive an EXTREMELY awesome Audi (I'm on the market for one of those), and myself, a self-proclaimed certified game killer and bro of sport, if you will.

I was told by superstar Google+ Sports Marketeer Monica Morjain that I "stole the show" to a good point during this hangout -- aside from typing too loud at times, sorry Kyle -- which inevitably drew some funny comments on several streams from broz who probably wanted me to shut the hell up so they could get back to their Catholic practices.

Regardless, I enjoyed telling the girls about a recent date I had with a South African girl in the East Village, hearing about Genevieve's experience playing a round of golf with Gary Player and raising charity money with Ernie Els, taking a page out of my friend Paul Solberg's and Chis Makos' book by singing "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" to the girls as a Valentine's Day present, and just generally staring at Natasha.

These past three days have been great fun talking to these girls. You know, it's funny how life works. Monday morning driving to work I was listening to Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN New York Radio 98.7fm, and Greenberg was talking about when he was 24, and how he remembered following Michael Jordan as a journalist, and how that was a huge thing for him. Knowing how ancient Greeny is now (ha!), and how distant a memory that was for him (double-ha!), perhaps one day I will be on ESPN radio talking about how when I was 24, I got to "hangout" with SI Swimsuit models on live internet television.

Wait -- how do I always end up writing about older male role models and who I want to be like when I grow up at the end of SI Swimsuit model posts? I'll shut up now. Watch the video!

PS -- I mentioned in the video that I bought my mom and grandmother flowers for Valentine's day. Well, needless to say I was just returning the favor! My grandma got me two golf bag umbrellas for Valentine's Day and my mom got me an illustrated version of The Odyssey. I'm like a young Telemachos/Tiger Woods!


  1. Getting to flirt with supermodels, not a bad gig. Good job!