Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Google+/YouTube Rookie Hangout: Hannah Davis, Kate Bock and Emily DiDonato

There really is no need to explain this one. Just three supermodels, SI writer Chris Mannix, 6-6, 230 lbs Indianapolis Colt rookie wide receiver Jeremy Kelley, perfect teeth Atlanta Falcons cheerleader/closet super smart tech-nerd Erin Perez, probably the cutest South American girl you'll ever see/student Thais De Oliveira, laid-back Minnesooota bro/aspiring actor Todd Johnson (by the way that's a fantastic acting name), and me with my bootleg Bomani Jones sports talk studio doing an official 2013 SI Swimsuit Edition Google+/YouTube hangout live on SI Swim's Google+ and YouTube page for all the world to see.

Obviously I had to keep my questions sports related, but everyone else's questions made for some really good conversation as well. I especially was digging Jeremy's idea to ask the girls what their best Valentine's Day present ever was, following up with, "so what address do I send these flowers too?" -- much more than when Todd asked the girls if they were single! Geez bro, save those questions for Ellen DeGeneres! Hannah Davis told us her high school boyfriend/luckiest 16-year-old of all time made her a heart-shaped rice crispy treat and incorporated a scavenger hunt ... take notes, broz.

I want to give a shout out to Joey Maestas of Time for his involvement, Kyle Garcia of Google+ Sports for coordinating, and especially a shout out to Google+ Basketball Marketeer Monica Morjain for hooking me up with this hangout, for helping show the world just how much of a super geek I am.

I've got to say, all the models were so fun to talk with! And so nice! And so impressive for being so young! Crazy to think at 22 I was barely making it to Chinese Politics finals at UVM and public speaking consisted of raising my hand in Roots of Reggae with legendary professor "Tuna." My lord, how did he end up here?

I'll shut up now. Watch the video. 

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