Friday, February 22, 2013

SportzBroz Jobz: Congratz to James Foster, Mark Buente

By Adam Maher

SportzBroz Jobz: This is the first post of hopefully many in which I will congratulate and make aware to all the faithful that my broz, and ladiez, of course, are landing jobz in the sportsbiz, and moving on up, as they say.

First, I'd like to congratulate James Foster, a life-long friend from Montclair, NJ, and one of the best golferz I've ever known.

James, a graduate of Seton Hall Prep and the University of South Carolina, earned a job blogging for an epic company called QuintEvents.

QuintEvents is the official ticket package provider for the NFL on location, NBA Events and Churchill Hill Downs (i.e. the Kentucky Derby, etc)Head over to and click on the orange blogging icon near the top right of their front page to follow James' event blog, and be sure to check out and follow the company in general.

James has been one of's biggest supporters from day one and I want him to know that I never overlooked the reposts, comments or Facebook likes. James, if you read this post, I promise, I'm coming to SC for a golf trip this year!

Second, I need to extend an enormous congratulations to my Sports Business Daily / Journal intern buddy, Mark Buente.

Mark and I hit it off as friends from the start in May 2012 at the Sports Business Awards in Times Square, and three months later we reconnected to volunteer at the Greater Washington D.C. Sports Alliance Sneaker Ball, where we managed to kill it, of course.

Mark is a senior at George Washington University and works in their sports department. He's been involved in some really cool activities and programs since I've been following him, including (but not limited to) a trip to the London 2012 Summer Games.

A few months ago, Mark sent me a Facebook message, telling me he was applying to work for the NFLPA. If you've looked into this before, you'll know that working for the NFLPA, especially first year out of college, is extremely daunting and rivals such tests as the LSATs in terms of stress and difficulty.

Lo and behold, just this week, I see a tweet in my @SportzBro home page from Mark saying he landed a job as a paralegal for the NFLPA! I couldn't be happier for the bro. I was once a paralegal, and I can tell you that if you're working in a field of law you're passionate about, it's an amazing first job out of college to land.

So congratz to Mark, who's also been a huge supporter of since he became aware of our mission last May -- and if you read this post, I'll be in D.C. this summer so we'll have to grab a frew brews and celebrate!

That's it for now. Looking forward to my law school buddies landing gigz soon... you know who you are.

Both photos pulled from the broz respective linkedin pages. 

If you recently landed a new sportsbiz gig or know someone who you think is worthy of a SportzBroz Jobz post, send us your story at

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