Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Broz of the Round Table: Fanbrandz Is What's Good

By Adam Maher

This post's purpose is to let anyone who has ever read this glorious blog of sport know that its founder and top contributor, me, A-Maher, has finally landed himself a full-time job in the sports industry. I've been working since November at a firm called Fanbrandz, which is why I haven't been posting too much on Sportz Broz. And while it would have been nice to have SBz blow up like the Deadspins and SB Nations of the world, having this blogging journey take me to actual sports industry money after just two years (to the week) ain't half bad -- in fact, it's even better.

Fanbrandz is amazing, and you should all Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter. I've truly never been happier to work for any company. We're responsible for a great deal of the sports brands that you know and love, including the MLB postseason and World Series, NHL All-Star Game and Stanley Cup, Toronto Blue Jays jerseys, Rays, Ducks, and the original WNBA logo as well as many other NHL, NBA, NFL, MLS, MLB and U.S. Olympic jersey modifications and special event brandings. I'm doing digital marketing and copywriting for the Fbz crew, who missed the social media wave because they were too small and too busy -- which I think was meant to be -- after all, who else in the sportz industry spells their name with a "z" instead of an "s"! Seriously, it's so dope working here: Just yesterday I exchanged emails with Jimmy Carter's press secretary, and the day before that I actually got paid real money to post my favorite tweets about the Super Bowl #Blackout.

Kinda crazy.

Having said all that, though, I want you to know that will never die.

The original mission for has taken on new meaning since inception in Nov. 2010, when Matt Giannetti, Chris Krukowski, Alex Miles, my little brother, James, and I began posting our meandering yet concrete sports thoughts on this here HTML hotbed. And it's no question that each of the original bloggers have gone our separate ways -- though we're all still friends, none of us live within 20 feet of each other in that historic three-story building on 33rd Street in Manhattan anymore (by the way, Ata, the bridge isn't over). Giannetti got busy killing it for Men's Journal and moved in with another great friend, Clayton Taibi aka Wave Bandana, whose blog,, is very popular (shout out to Lu's Top Ten Most Fire Jerseys -- that post still brings in hits everyday in case you're wondering). Chris Kruk took his talents to Chicago and the environmental investment industry where he plans to make millions for himself and America. James, who only posted once, is now KILLING it working for Digitas and is their future CEO, and Miles, the smartest of us all, well, he went gorillaz in Paris for the better part of the last two years and now lives in Chicago with Chris (I think).

Regardless of others being able to post because of business and travel ties, I always maintained constant posting on this blog, which is what I had planned to do from the start, and we acquired new writers and personalities along the way. First, our bro Marley Burr joined in on the fun. Then, it was the mega-don Peter Walsh, who came up with one of my favorite online columns of all time, NBA Fire in Lieu of the Lockout. Then we saw the famous hockey broz, Danny and Jason Klau, who absolutely murder the game on a daily basis in regards to New York Rangers hockey and steak dinners. Other writers took their chances trying the game of sportz convergence, as Miles and Chris continued to contribute to the blog by recruiting broz of their own, some who I had never even met. Honestly, I can't remember all their names right now there were so many, but I'm sure they enjoyed their ride, and I hope they'll be back for more...Marco?


Then we had Sir Alex Morgan, one of the jolliest bloggers ever, and Spencer Pyke, who may honestly be Sportz Broz MVP at this point. And of course who could forget Conor "S. Quire" Flahive, along with his San Diego buddy Marisa Mandos, who both have come up with some amazing stories. Then there was John Woods who got involved for a while, and of course, Jake Heston, who carried out Bro of the Day festivities for an entire month, and Pete Dombrosky, one of my buddies from interning for the Sports Business Journal Events Coordination team last summer with his epic NHL and Pittsburgh posts.

Either way you look at it, SBz has been a great ride, and this isn't the end, but it's come to a serious point of quality > quantity. Since I first came up with the idea junior year of college up at UVM (the greatest state university in the country hands down say something I dare you) and read the original mission statement to my roommate, Chris Pescatore, and heard him say, "dude, don't curse in your blog," I can't even count how many times I changed the look of the blog, considered the legality of photo posts, offended people and made them love me. And now that I've reached my goal of being able to afford a lifestyle based off sportzwriting ... I can only go further. Sky is the limit, baby. And this blog will always be here for when I need to vent -- or, God forbid, if I'm ever out of a job again.

I could write a book about the last two years since I launched the Sportz Broz journey. From stories of sitting on a Manhattan rooftop two blocks away from the Empire State Building, pitching the idea to Matt and Chris while pre-gaming for an epic Halloween party; getting interviewed for the first time by at a bar called Antartica and receiving the confirmation email that I got the job two weeks later on my cell phone, sitting at the top of A-Basin, Colorado with best friends from college; to meeting the ever-lovable and truly heartbreaking Eric LeGrand (and his mom) in a Jersey City grammar school to cover the story of one of his first motivational speeches to kids and how my editor, Ron Zeitlinger, completely ripped into me for "missing the story" -- not the first time that would happen, like when I got cursed out on Christmas by Ken at the Jersey Journal and ended up quitting the next day (I still thank Ken and Ron to this day for giving me that oh-so necessary kick in the ass and would be no where without the experience of; to partying with NBA All-Stars, to bumping into Ian Poulter and his Ferrari Posse in Orlando; to breaking 80 for the first time in my life; to phone calls with Drizzy Drake's manager Oliver about his vision for combining Drake's OVO (Octobers Very Own) logo with Drake's favorite baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays logo for OVO Fest 2013 the day before Drake's first single off his new album comes out (yes, that one happened last Friday); and one day when I have time, I will, but I've got to get back to work for this new gig, Fanbrandz, which like I said, is the coolest part of the journey so far.

I want everyone to know is not finished! I simply don't have time to post a lot of content here any more ... and for good reason! If you want to keep up with my sportzwriting career, I'll be posting weekly blogs on (without a byline hence the title "copywriter,") and sometimes when I feel like it, I'll still post here. As always I appreciate any comments you guys leave on the posts, it really means a lot and makes me look cool ;).

See you there!

PS -- I also want to let everyone know that my non-profit pursuit with the Lenardo family is still in full swing, so be on the lookout for that too. I also urge anyone who still wants to write on SBz don't stop sending me content!

Sportz Broz never die, we multiply...

"Started from the bottom now we here. Started from the bottom now the whole team here..."

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