Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NHL Lockout Could End Soon, with 56-Game Schedule Starting Christmas Week

By Jason Klau

Some encouraging news about the NHL Lockout perhaps?

I've been very skeptical of any "news" that has been spread around for the entirety of this lockout, however, there are some positive reports coming out as we speak.

Sportsnet reporter and former NHL tough guy Nick Kypreos has said, "some coaches are calling players to tell them to be ready for imminent return."

From the Twitter-sphere, Greg Wyshynski AKA Puck Daddy notes, "Hearing next Fri. for camps. MT @garylawless if deal gets done by weekend, training camps could open next Wed/56-game season on Dec. 20"

This all seems like some good news. Recently, some players, including Sidney Crosby, Brad Richards, David Backes and some others, and some owners have met without NHLPA rep Donald Fehr, and without NHL Commish Gary Bettman, who actually encouraged the meeting.

Hockey by Christmas? That's the best present I could have hoped for. Naturally, I'll try to not get my hopes up too much, but this is one of the few times during this lockout that I've been excited about some possible lockout-ending news. I just hope it's not going to be crushed...again. We'll see soon I guess.

"Please end the lockout, Mr. Bettman! Lord knows I'm going to need some hockey to go along with my hotdogs, you know, without the football post-season to coach!"