Monday, December 10, 2012

Boss Dons of Twitter: Stephen Jackson Fined 25k by NBA for Serge Ibaka Tweets, but he's "Got No Worries" - Bad for NBA

By Adam Maher and Conor Flahive

Yesterday the NBA announced that it was fining the Spurs’ Stephen Jackson $25,000 for cyber bullying “serg Abaka.”

Here's this morning's report from Deadspin:

Despite Jackson’s apologies, his twitter feed was blowing up with statements like “I will never bite my tongue” and “I ain’t got no problems,” accompanied by photos of his plethora of luxury cars (pictured below).  Needless to say, @DaTrillStak5 has solidified himself into the elite SportzBroz fraternity, Boss Dons of Twitter.

But there is more to it.

Given the fact that professional athletes have a history of being terrible at managing their money, Jackson’s brazen apathy worries us. Over 60% of the league’s athletes are bankrupt within five years of retirement. Of course, this figure is based on an average $5 million salary made during an average career lasting less than five years. So maybe Jackson ain’t got no problems, considering the 13-year veteran has earned almost $70 million in his career, for now. If nothing else, Jackson’s response to the fine merits discussion because of the message it sends to younger players in the league. The NBA, teams, agents, and families need to do a better job educating players on fiscal responsibility, and more or less life after basketball. See Antoine Walker.