Thursday, November 15, 2012

Three Takes on Tebow, Part 3

By Adam Maher

I'm going to be brief because there really isn't much to say and I don't have much time to say it.

If Woody Johnson truly signed Tim Tebow to sell tickets, then Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum both need to be fired. Not at the end of the season, not next week, now, this week. Today. Yesterday. In fact, I've been saying the Jets should fired Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum for over a year now. Ever since they agreed to let go of Leon Washington aka the greatest Jet since Herm Edwards. Tannenbaum signs Sanchez to a four-year deal worth $20 million the week after Tebow gets to town, with $8 million guaranteed through next season, and Rex Ryan (and Sporano for that matter) literally have NO IDEA how to use Tim Tebow on offense. Remember Brad Smith? Tebow is the same thing! Put him on the depth chart as an RB not a punt blocker or something!

It's so sweet and cute to hear all the radio show hosts, friends and family talking about how Ryan needs to be fired now that they've completely ran the Jets into the bottom of the pile of shit that is having a losing record in the NFL when your HEAD COACH TELLS THE MEDIA THEY'RE GOING TO WIN THE SUPERBOWL. I cringe when I hear Rex Ryan say things like "let's play like the New York Jets" in press conferences and pep talks. What does he know about playing like the Jets? What does that even mean? That's as if to say the Jets even had an identity before he was hired. The man is insane. If anything, I'd like to think Tim Tebow embodies what it is to play for the New York Jets: WIN GAMES.

Rex has hotdogs blocking the air passage to his brain. Imagine the t-shirt sales if Rex had found a way to make Tebow a success story....the kid is a walking success story for christ sake and Rex actually managed to turn his life into a shit show. Pathetic. Absolutely PATHETIC.

I have literally never seen or heard of a person who talks the talk and fails to walk the walk more than Rex Ryan. Perhaps that is where the conflict between him and Tebow resides. Because the last I checked Tim Tebow talks less than anyone when it comes to playing the game, and he does more than anyone. Rex has failed to give Tebow any chance this year. It's pathetic. Give the kid a drive. I guarantee you'll be happier at the outcome than you are at the site of 20 Rutt's Hut hotdogs after a home loss.

I happen to enjoy going to the circus, so I am going to have a great time win or lose on Thanksgiving at the Jets game with my dad and brother. And guess what? I'll be wearing my Sanchez jersey from two Christmases ago ... NOT a Tebow jersey. But just know, Rex, if you happen to read this post, that you could have had me wearing a brand new Tebow jersey this Thanksgiving ... that would have made Woody happy, right? But no, you failed me. You failed the Jets. You failed Tim, Mark, Leon, Bart. And you failed yourself.

But the season is not over, Rexy Boy, you disgusting pig of a man. There is still time to put Tebow in the game, Rex. Do it for the fans. Stop with this BS that you are going to make the playoffs. The gig is up. You suck. Now give us the circus we all deserve. TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW....

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