Thursday, November 15, 2012

Three Takes on Tebow, Part 2

By Jason Klau

It's about Tebow time for me to eat crow. After the Jets landed the quarterback (tight end? full back?) I wrote a post about how it was a good move. I wrongly used the words "elite talent," and for that I apologize to the faithful Broz who read the article.

In all fairness to myself, I broke down the trade as a low-risk, high-reward move. They gave up a fourth and a sixth round pick for Timmy T and a seventh round pick. Not a totally steep price for a backup, especially one with as much POTENTIAL upside as Tebow had, at least at the time.

What the trade did accomplish, was to makie the Jets the talk of the town, even with the Giants about to begin a title defense, which as of late has not looked like very much of a fight. Thank Tebow-Jesus for BYE weeks. But now, that light shining on Gang Green is backfiring. The 3-6 Jets continue to be blasted, and now, internally, it seems Coach Rex Ryan has lost control. It might explain the very public blasting from Jets players on Tebow, who have proclaimed their displeasure with sharing a locker room.

I did argue that, perhaps a threat to his starting job would be the kick in the rear that Sanchez needed to get his game back to the level that saw him lead the Jets to consecutive AFC championship games. Rex Ryan has publicly proclaimed that he believes "in his heart" that Sanchez can lead this team. I guess your heart is all you can use when the evidence on the field is not exactly proving it. It's also hard to keep up that attitude when as coach you constantly force Tebow-esque situations into the game plan, that hardly seem to have an impact. Wild-cat rushes for 2 yards and short passes off his dome don't help the Jets win. It only added insult to injury when, in the midst of a blowout loss to San Francisco, backup QB Colin Kaepernick ran the Wild-Cat to perfection and notched himself a rushing TD against the Jets.

With Gang Green struggling this season, and with some obvious discontent in the locker room around the whole QB situation, two things are clear. First, the jobs of Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, and especially Rex Ryan are in jeopardy. Second, I was just plain wrong on the trade, I thought the real losers were the Denver Broncos for not getting nearly enough in the trade. Turns out, they got out and got as much as they could have.

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