Thursday, November 15, 2012

Three Takes on Tebow, Part 1

By John Woods

My one question to the Jet players ripping Tim Tebow: where the hell have you been? It took you this long to realize that Tebow sucks?

To answer the question of whether the Jets would be better with Tebow as the starter: NO. On “Pardon the Interruption” yesterday Tony Kornheiser committed the classic fallacy of correlation vs. causation when he pointed out that Tebow won a playoff game. Tebow did not win the playoff game. THE DENVER BRONCOS WON THE GAME. Tebow did not win games by himself. Quarterbacks do not win games by themselves. Peyton Manning gives the Broncos a much better chance to win than Tebow ever did.

Tim Tebow is not the reason why the Jets are 3-6 right now. Injuries to Darrelle Revis and Santonio Holmes have left each position essentially bare; when a team is forced to start Aaron Berry (CB) and Clyde Gates (WR) respectively its season is probably over. Rex Ryan’s defense has never had a pass rush, and this season is no exception. Four years without a rusher? (Muhammad Wilkerson and Quentin Coples are 3-4 ends. They shouldn’t be rushing.) Special teams, once the best in the NFL, has become one of the teams’ biggest liabilities. The o-line still blows, even with Wayne Hunter gone. The Jets can neither play offense at all, nor stop the run, and Mark Sanchez’s targets wouldn’t be starting in the SEC. Let alone the NFL. And worst of all, the team can play hard against Houston and New England and then shit the bed against Miami and Seattle. I hate to say it, but they’re yet again the Same Old Jets.

Tim Tebow represents the worst of the media today. I’m not talking about Skip Bayless and “First Take”; that story has been written by far better writers. It’s spread all over, even beyond ESPN’s insistent plugging of Tebow in unrelated sports. Only Tebow could cause USA Today to write an article about Hurricane Sandy not about the hurricane itself, but instead about how Tim Tebow would get more reps because of the weather.

It’s safe to call the Tim Tebow experiment's been an utter failure. At the very least he hasn’t been the starter. That’s the only positive. The wildcat? All Tebow does is run it for a few yards. He has 132 total yards this season. He can’t catch lollipop passes. He can’t block on special teams. Why is he anywhere near the starting lineup?

The Jets need to cut Tebow the second the season ends. Unless Rex decides to reverse the lap band, he needs to go also. As do Tony Sparano, Mike Pettine, and the rest of the coaching staff, and Mike Tannenbaum and the management. Unfortunately as long as an idiot owns the team none of this will happen, but it’s a start. The new management needs to actually draft offensive linemen, wide receivers, pass rushers, special teamers, and above all an actual quarterback. The current regime has had four years. Going to a ground-and-pound offense won’t work in a passing league. They need to get with the times.

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  1. The Jets need to start utilizing him way more than they do though. Everyone knows it's a run play (QB Sneak) every time he's on the field, so a couple pass plays are in order - if only to keep the D guessing. The ONE pass play I can remember Tebow getting called in the past 6 weeks (other than a stupid screen pass to the equivalent of a backup college wideout) was a play action lob over the top, right in the bread basket to another one of the Jets receivers who probably shouldn't be suiting up for a regular season NFL football game.

    It is hard to be a Jets fan.