Saturday, November 3, 2012

Broz of the Day: Carmelo Anthony, James Harden

By Adam Maher (@ArtoMar1)

The NBA is murdering the game on so many levels right now.

Carmelo Anthony led the Knicks in an absolute routing of the Heat last night, complete with a pregame Hurricane Sandy address. It was a spectacle to watch for the Northeast, as the Knicks drained three-ball after three-ball to lift local spirits. And while LeBron and Wade got their bar money taken at the Garden, James Ball So Hard-en was busy racking up 45 points on the road against one of the Eastern Conference's best squads.

Harden has now dropped over 30 points in both of his first two games since signing his massive $80-million franchise tag. And with the Rockets' home opener happening tonight against Portland, we best start taking H-town a little more serious as far as playoffs go.

Melo's 30-10 performance was not as flamboyant as Harden's 45 points on the road, but his leadership was palpable. Shots were falling for everyone in a Knicks uniform, even a crowd-pleasing Rasheeeeeed Wallace drained one from distance to push the lead to 20 with under two minutes left. The Knicks are always good for inspiration, but could this loss be just what the Heat needed to quickly get over their championship hangover? I'm still thinking the Heat are by far the best team in the East. Either way, it's been said repeatedly that Melo plays better when other star players are off the floor, ie. Amar'e Stoudemire. If the Knicks can keep up this inspiration for the 6-8 weeks Stat is out though, we could be looking at a Knicks squad in the top three in the East by the time he gets back. Wait, who said that would happen?

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