Friday, November 16, 2012

Brooke Lopez and Robin Lopez Being Brooke Lopez and Robin Lopez: Splash Mountain Style

By Adam Maher ( / @ArtoMar1)

When Jeff Passman sent me an email with this Yahoo! Sports article attached, saying he thought this topic might be good for "SporsBroz," I couldn't resist. What better a way to start my Friday than to watch a first person YouTube of Disney California's Splash Mountain to see how two seven foot twins could possibly react so differently to the same exact experience?

The photo was sent into Grantland by a reader named Andy who took the picture onsite in California. What a great bro, whoever this Andy is.

So to get a feel for how these twins could have possibly acted so different in their reactions, let's take a ride on Splash Mountain:

Holy shit. Was that Disney Land or, "They Cage the Animals at Night"? No wonder Robin was so freaked. And Brooke is a psycho for laughing like that! Maybe that's the kind of insane attitude it takes to beat Kevin Garnett in the paint...Shout out to Brooke Lopez for going hard last night in BK against KG, by the way. Nets baby, 5-2. Oh and by the way, I watched that Knicks game last night...unreal comeback. Down 12 with seven minutes to play in the 4th and they win by four? Against the league-best Spurs? Jason Kidd deserves a Bro of the Day Honor-A-Bro Mention for those three pointers at the end. Same for JR. Some of those shots in the one-on-one were straight Monet. The Knicks are pretty good, yo. Second in the Power Rankings and 6-0 for just the second time in franchise history (which I find kind of offensive if you consider how long the Knicks have been in the League).

Happy Friday. And once again happy birthday to Jeff! Long live DAVE. Thanks for the email, bro. keep them coming (no homo - JK).

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  1. Everytime I see this photo, it kills me...