Saturday, November 3, 2012

2012-2013 NHL Season, What We're All Missing, Part 6, The New York Islanders

By Pete Dombrosky (@Pete_Dombrosky)

Editor's note: Before we get into WWAM Part 6, The Islanders, it must be said with the announcement that all NHL games will be postponed for the entire month of November, instead of multiple teams being included in each installment of WWAM, one team will be the focus from now on per post. That's not to say from now on teams will be remembered in more detail, the content is still equal for each team throughout the series. This is just a way to extend the awesome content Pete has provided for us broz for the duration of the lockout, which we pray and hope will end ASAP. 

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Part 6: The New York Islanders
2011-2012 Record: (34-37-11) 79 points
Playoffs: Failed to qualify 

The Islanders are moving to BK in 2015. But until then, Strong Island is still their home.

Long Island is a great place in the summer time. There are miles of beaches and too many wine vineyards to count. It can offer an outstanding getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city without having to travel far.

But when the weather turns cold, Long Island is an unpleasant place, especially when it comes to the Islanders. Once a storied franchise, the Islanders have failed to reach the playoffs since 2006-07 and haven’t won a playoff series since 1992-93. Last year, they finished last in the Atlantic Division, just as they have for the last five years.

I won’t say it will take a miracle to break that mold when the next season ends, but right now the Atlantic Division is arguably the strongest in hockey and only getting better. So what do the fans out on Long Island have to look forward to? A guy named John Tavares is a good start.

In each of his three seasons with New York, he’s scored more than 20 goals and registered 30 or more assists. And on any given night, he has the ability to do this:

The Islanders also have a talented young core in Kyle Okposo, Michael Grabner and Matt Moulson (who is 28 but still qualifies as “young” and “talented”). This team may still be a few years away from the postseason because of their goalie woes, but Islanders fans should look forward to this season nonetheless. Perhaps they'll be improved enough to think playoffs by 2015 when they move to the Barclays Center.

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