Thursday, November 1, 2012

2012-2013 NHL Season: What We're All Missing, Part 5, The Flyers

By Pete Dombrosky (@Pete_Dombrosky)

Editor's note: Before we get into WWAM Part 5, The Flyers, it must be said with the announcement that all NHL games will be postponed for the entire month of November, instead of multiple teams being included in each installment of WWAM, one team will be the focus from now on per post. That's not to say from now on teams will be remembered in more detail, the content is still equal for each team throughout the series. This is just a way to extend the awesome content Pete has provided for us broz for the duration of the lockout, which we pray and hope will end ASAP. 

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Philadelphia Flyers 
2011-2012 Record: (47-26-9) 103 points
Playoffs: Lost Conference Semi-Finals (4-1) versus New Jersey Devils, Won Conference Quarter-Finals (4-2) versus Pittsburgh Penguins

The Flyers are a team that answers the question, “What makes hockey fun?” That is what Philly fans are missing. But of course, there's so much more.

Lots of goals – Last season, Philadelphia ranked second in the NHL in total goals (260) and in goals per game (3.17) - the only team that had more were the Pens (277/3.33). They had four players who scored 24 or more goals (Hartnell, Giroux, Simmonds, Read) and 11 who scored double-digit goals.

Interesting personalities – A name that instantly comes to mind is Ilya Bryzgalov, the Flyers perplexing veteran netminder. Bryzgalov has earned a reputation for being out in left field, so to speak. It’s a lot easier to understand by watching the man himself:

Skillful stars making creative plays – Two top-tier offensive players with buttery-soft hands and deadly accurate shots are Danny Briere and Claude Giroux. Again, we’ll turn to the video evidence:



Hard-nosed grinders constantly mixing it up with the opposition – When the team isn’t scoring, it’s beating people up. This has been a hallmark of the Flyers for years. Ever wonder why they were nicknamed the Broad Street Bullies? It’s because this team never fails to have a few guys that will hit you in the mouth to get the momentum in their favor. Guys like Andre Dupont, Bob Kelly, Donald Brashear (pictured below) and Craig Berube come to mind. As long as Philadelphia has stars on its roster, they will always have bodyguards patrolling the ice.

Stay tuned for NHL Season 2012-2013, What We're All Missing, Part 6, The Hurricanes!

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