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M & M's NFL Pickz Week 5

By Marley Burr (@MarleyBurr), Mitch Sandberg & Adam Maher (@ArtoMar1)

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Welcome back everyone for yet another week of SBz NFL Picks. Week 4 finally had the real officials back and the match ups were a little easier to predict with our writers getting a few positive records on the week. While upsets were few and far between, in Week 4 we did see some spread busters and surprises in that regard. Now we look to Week 5. 

Our Guest Of The Week for Week 5 is Adam Maher; a New York Jets fan from MontclairNJ and the founder of Let’s see if he can continue the chart-leading record of the GOTW and jump into the action!

Current Standings:

Danny Klau
Chris Krukowski
Nick Perez
Adam Maher

Week 5 Spreads:

St. Louis Rams
Arizona Cardinals
OG Line = Cardinals -2.5
Current Line             -1.5
Cincinnati Bengals
Miami Dolphins
OG Line = Bengals -5
Current Line             -3
Indianapolis Colts
Green Bay Packers
OG Line = Packers -7
Current Line           -7
Kansas City Chiefs
Baltimore Ravens
OG Line = Ravens -4.5
Current Line         -6.5
Minnesota Vikings
Tennessee Titans
OG Line = Vikings -5.5
Current Line          -5.5
Washington Redskins
Atlanta Falcons
OG Line = Falcons -3
Current Line           -3
Carolina Panthers
Seattle Seahawks
OG Line = Panthers -3
Current Line             -3
New England Patriots
Denver Broncos
OG Line = Patriots -7
Current Line           -6.5
San Francisco 49ers
Buffalo Bills
OG Line = 49ers -9
Current Line         -10
Pittsburgh Steelers
Philadelphia Eagles
OG Line = Steelers -3.5
Current Line            -3
New York Giants
Cleveland Browns
OG Line = Giants -10
Current Line          -9
Jacksonville Jaguars
Chicago Bears
OG Line = Bears -4
Current Line           -6
New Orleans Saints
San Diego Chargers
OG Line = Saints -3
Current Line            -3.5
New York Jets
Houston Texans
OG Line = Texans -7.5
Current Line        -9

*OG Line – The original line as it opens is going to be posted and then updated throughout the week so that our readers can see what the majority is betting. For example, the line on the Giants/Browns game opened at 10 points in the Giants favor and has lowered now to 8.5 as more people are taking the Browns points in this match up.

Even with the Miami Dolphins losing to the Cardinals in OT, WR Brian Hartline earned Week 4 Player of the Week. Hartline finished the game with 253 yards and a touchdown on 12 receptions.

Thursday Night Game

Arizona Cardinals @ St. Louis Rams

Marley: Rams +1.5
Mitch: Rams +1.5
Adam: Arizona -1.5

Marley: Short week for both the teams involved in this one but the Rams have the advantage of not needing to travel cross country to this Thursday night match up. Both of these teams are coming off ugly wins in Week 4 and a primetime game could be just what the doctor ordered to put last week behind them and to move quickly toward fixing previous mistakes.

The St. Louis Rams won a hard-fought game against the Seattle Seahawks at home. While many will say it was more the offensive struggles of the Seahawks, there were some big things that the Rams showed us in Week 4. First off, the Rams can score as soon as they cross midfield with a kicker like Zuerlein (he hit field goals of 48, 58 and 60 yards, going 4 for 4 on the day). Also, the Rams defense seems to be getting better every week they play together. Granted they played the Seattle Seahawks, but the Cardinals offense is not anything to write home about either. Bradford looks much better this year, he has some young and fast receivers to throw to and of course nobody can forget The Beast, Steven Jackson in the backfield. The Rams just need to get Bradford some time in the pocket and figure out the offense more before they are a legitimate threat.

Fitzgerald has been held in check for the majority of the season so far. The Rams defense are largely underrated but if you give LF even a yard of space he can make any defense pay for it

The Cardinals had their own ugly win this week against the Miami Dolphins and many of their problems are the same as the Rams. They do have an incredible defense that has been absolutely stonewalling offenses like New England, Philly and Miami. They make big plays in clutch situations and lead the league in third down stops. 

The offense is the big question for the Cardinals. Kevin Kolb came up big this week when he was needed most to respond to scores by the Dolphins in the fourth quarter to send the game to overtime. The emergence of Andre Roberts as a valid second receiver is going to spell trouble for defenses as now they can't just double team Fitzgerald anymore without opening the door. The Cardinals lack a running game and the O-line needs to help stop Kolb from getting sacked so much, but the Cardinals are looking good in a defense stacked division.

This is going to be a good, tough defensive game. The Rams lead the league in interceptions and I think they should be able to get a pick or two off Kolb. On the other side of the ball the Cardinals defense were just exploited a bit by the Miami Dolphins. Without a huge turnover in the fourth quarter and a big drive by Kolb that game was lost. The Rams are very underrated and are playing at home with a talented young team that seems to get better every week. This game could definitely go either way but I think on a short week and at home the Rams are going to step up and get a big division win in the Dome...

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Miami Dolphins @ Cincinnati Bengals

Marley: Dolphins +3
Mitch: Bengals -3
Adam: Dolphins +3

Marley: The Miami Dolphins have lost two games in a row in overtime which has to be hurting them badly. This team very easily could be 3-1 right now had there not been that debacle against the Jets with the field goals and if they had managed to not let Arizona get back into the game last week. Joe Philbin decided this week to not let his team have a day off so that they can use the extra day to prepare for their visit to the Cincinnati Bengals. The Dolphins are seriously underrated as they have a strong offense that can put up points on anyone, and a defense that is 1st in the league against the Run. What they need to do is limit the growing pains that come with a rookie QB and avoid turnovers. If this team can limit the turnovers then I think they can go far in their division. (Especially considering that 50% of the division includes the Bills and Jets).

Reggie Bush feels 100% after his knee injury scare in week 3 against the Jets. He could be poised for a big game against the Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals have proved so far this season that they can put up big points. Aside from a bad season opener against the Ravens they have managed to average 33 points a game in the last 3 games. Most the damage has come from Andy Dalton and his 103 passer rating, while BenJarvus Green-Ellis has yet to have a 100 yard rushing game and now they face the best rush defense in the league. The Bengals really need to get the running game going as Green-Ellis a smash mouth running back but he doesn’t usually have flashy big runs. They are a well balanced team however they can face trouble if they become one dimensional. AJ Green is an explosive receiver but hes going to often be double teamed and jammed at the line if they cant take some pressure off him. This team is 3-1 right now but their defense needs to step up in order for them to get to the next level.

AJ Green is the number 1 threat that the Dolphins have to worry about. He is a matchup nightmare for any team and will be a large part of the Dolphins weekly preparation

I like the Dolphins in this game but im afraid to pick them outright. The Bengals have had 2 challenges so far; they won one against the Redskins in a shootout and were blown out in season opener against the Ravens. They are riding a 3 game winning streak and have homefield advantage in this one but something about how underrated the Dolphins keeps telling me that this is going to be their coming out party. The way I see it Tannehill has been getting better every week, he threw for 431 yards against the Cardinals and he finally he has 2 receivers who have established themselves to be his go to guys in Bess and Hartline. Can he be counted on to put up those numbers again? Bush went down against the Jets but he still played last week and it looks like they gave him a light load with only 17 carries for the game. I think this week Bush is going to get more carries and after Tannehills performance last week they are going to let him air out the ball. Wouldn’t be a complete surprise if they win this game but even if they don’t I think they keep it close enough to cover.

Green Bay Packers @ Indianapolis Colts

Marley: Colts +7
Mitch: Packers -7
Adam: Packers -7

Mitch: The Colts are coming off of their bye so they have had ample time to prepare for the Packers, who looked more like the Packers of last year against New Orleans last week, minus the fourth quarter.  I feel like maybe the Packers have had a wakeup call the past two weeks and will be looking to score early and often against an inexperienced Colts defense.  The difference this week will be that they will continue pouring it on and not let the Colts back into this game.  I still believe the Colts will put up 20 behind Andrew Luck, but the Packers will put up at least 31 if not more, even on the road.

Aaron Rodgers had his best game of the season against the Saints last week. Now he needs to build on that and do it again against the inexperienced defense of the Colts

Baltimore Ravens @ Kansas City Chiefs

Marley: Ravens -6.5
Mitch: Ravens -6.5
Adam: Ravens -6.5

Marley: My good lord the Chiefs are terrible. That game against the Chargers was just embarrassing to watch, you really felt bad for them. I mean Philip Rivers didn’t have to do anything at all on Sunday. The defense was just abusing the Chiefs in ways that should be illegal in most states. The Chiefs in reality have only 2 weapons on their whole team, Dwayne Bowe and Jamaal Charles. The problem is that they do not have a very competent QB in Matt Cassel to get the ball to Dwayne Bowe consistently and while Jamaal Charles has been incredible all it doesn’t take much to shut down the offense around him. Now theres talk around the league about Brady Quinn possibly stepping us as the starter as things continue which will not help Cassels confidence going into this weekend. The Defense is nothing to talk about either with the Chiefs giving up an average of XX points a game so far this year. All in all the Chiefs need something big to turn things around in Kansas City.

Jamaal Charles is the biggest offensive weapon for the Chiefs. Even in losses he has run all over teams and put up great numbers. The Ravens are going to have to shut him down if they want to get a win

The Ravens right now are sitting pretty. They are 3-1 and while this team has been known as a defensive juggernaut for decades, the Offense surprisingly seems to be the leading force this year. Which is scary because the defense hasn’t gone anywhere either. Joe Flacco made a splash in the offseason by pulling out the whole “Im an Elite Quarterback” comment, and just like Eli Manning did, he has been backing it up with great play. For the second straight week Flacco has 300+ passing yards and there is no reason to think he wont make it three weeks in a row. This team is straight dangerous and a really tough matchup for anyone in the league when they play to their potential, which is really the only problem I see with the Ravens at this point. They seem to get themselves into trouble sometimes with turnovers, Penalties or defensive mistakes at big moments. Last week they had a lot of trouble getting the ball into the endzone despite being able to march down the field time and time again. Its how they lost to the Eagles, almost lost to the Patriots and how they let the Browns hang around last week. However, when they play to their potential you get results like the game winning drive against the Patriots and the blowout of Cincinnati.

Ray Lewis is playing in his 17th year as a Pro. To keep up with the modern game he has slimmed down and remains as feared as he was a decade ago. So far in 4 games he has a sack, a forced fumble and 26 tackles. 

This matchup should be a clear win for the Ravens at Arrowhead. There is nothing about the Chiefs that says they can pull this one out and it would be a huge upset if they manage to do so. The way I see it the Ravens are going to look first to contain Jamaal Charles and force Cassel to throw the ball. Ray Lewis and the front 7 can stop even the strongest of run attacks and Ed Reed is always waiting in the backfield to take away passing options. Matt Cassel already has turnover problems and having Ray Lewis and Ed Reed around will not help that any. Add a good offense in the mix and im sure a ton of Chiefs fans are writing this game off already. While Flacco and the offensive unit have been airing the ball out a lot in the past week, I think this week they look to establish the run. Flacco and Torrey Smith have ankle issues and while they aren’t going to miss out on this game, I think Ray Rice is going to get an increased workload and run wild against the Chiefs. Not to mention the Ravens have had 10 days to prepare for this game, they are rested and ready to take on the Chiefs. The Ravens will cover

Tennessee Titans @ Minnesota Vikings

Marley: Vikings -5.5
Marley: Vikings -5.5
Adam: Vikings -5.5

Mitch: The Titans came back to earth last week after their week three win against the Lions, getting pummeled by Houston 38-14.  Jake Locker will be out this week, so it looks like it'll be up to Matt Hasselbeck to lead the Titans in this one.  In the Titan backfield, Chris Johnson actually had his first big game of the year last week, rushing for 141 yards in the loss.  Don't expect this to continue though, as Johnson has been inconsistent for the past two years.

Chris Johnson, who has been a big letdown this year, had his first big game of the year against the Texans. If he can keep it up this week the Titans might be able to pull out a win in Minnesota

The Vikings are coming off of two big wins and have a lot of momentum behind them.  Adrian Peterson will be as close to one-hundred percent as he's been all season and will carry the team.  Christian Ponder was just okay last week after his great game against the Niners two weeks ago and he'll be looking to play better with the home crowd behind him this week.  Although I don't like the fact that the Vikings scored two special teams touchdowns last week, I still think the Vikings have enough to take this game by a touchdown.

Atlanta Falcons @ Washington Redskins

Marley: Falcons -3
Mitch: Redskins +3
Adam: Falcons -3

Matt Ryan and Julio Jones connected for a big 55 yard gain last week to put away the Panthers. They are going to need to play much better if they want to stop RGIII from repeating the great game that Cam Newton had in week 4.

Adam: The Falcons are probably the best team in the league right now. Matty Ice has a league-leading 112 passer rating with an 11/2 TD/int ratio, which has kept their aging, yet still Super Bowl MVP potential running back Michael Turner from having to rush over 60 times in the first four weeks. The combination of a red-hot, in-his-prime QB, mixed with a fresh-legged crafty veteran at RB is a great start to building a potent offense. Then add in the mix Roddy White, who leads the league in first down receptions and is fourth overall in yards, and Tony Gonzalez, and you have what I like to call, "a lock to go to the Super Bowl unless some freaky shit happens."

But you already knew all that.

Alfred Morris will need to have a big day for the Skins to free up RGIII and stand a chance. But that's not likely. I see this week as being a very humbling experience for Mr. Morris. The Falcons boast the league's eighth best opp. rushing average. (Not to mention the fact that the Skins are ranked 31st in opp. passing yards per game.) Don't be surprised to see RGIII leave this one injured. Sacked at least five times. Falcons by 10.

Seattle Seahawks @ Carolina Panthers

Marley: Panthers -3
Mitch: Seahawks +3
Adam: Panthers -3

Mitch: The Panthers played great last week, and if it weren't for a late breakdown and a ridiculous 55 yard pass by Matty Ice from his own end zone, they would have taken down the undefeated Falcons.  Cam Newton is great when his head is in the game, but when he doesn't play well to begin with, his body language immediately takes him out of the game.  Against a Seahawks defense that is ranked number two in rushing and total defense, I don't see Cam Newton having the greatest of games.  Russel Wilson will have learned from his horrible performance last week and he'll be able to lead his team to a victory on the road here, or at least have them cover.

Cam Newton had a big game against the Falcons but a fumble on a first down and some last second heroics spoiled the win. Can the Panthers bounce back against the strong defense of the Seahawks?

Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots

Marley: Broncos +6.5
Mitch: Patriots +6.5
Adam: Broncos +6.5

The Brady - Manning Rivalry continues for the 13th meeting after last having faced each other in November of 2010. As Peyton is now on the Broncos and these two divisions are not scheduled to play each other for another 2 years, this could be the last time we see these two suit up against one another

Adam: The Broncos have to win this game because I have Peyton Manning and Willis McGehee starting in fantasy in The League of Bros. That is all. 

Buffalo Bills @ San Francisco 49ers

Marley: 49ers -10
Mitch: 49ers -10
Adam: 49ers -10

Mitch: After the fluke of week three against the Vikings, where they looked nothing like themselves, the Niner defense came back with a vengeance last week, shutting down the Jets offense and bringing gang green that much closer to the Tim Tebow second half of the season miracle.  The Bills, on the other hand, looked like two different teams against the Patriots, playing well in the first half and absolutely horrible in the second.  My feeling on the Bills is that they are a mixture of what we saw in both halves last week: not as good as the first half team and definitely not as bad as the second half. This being said, I don't see the Bills offense putting up more than 14 points on a Niners defense that is getting better by the week.  Alex Smith and the Niner offense worry me a little with their lack of production, but I believe they'll have enough to take this by two touchdowns. 

The Jets didn’t stand a chance against Frank Gore and the 49ers defense. This week could be much of the same against the Buffalo Bills who gave up over 40 points in the second half to the Patriots

Philadelphia Eagles @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Marley: Steelers -3
Mitch: Steelers -3
Adam: Eagles +3

Lawrence Tynes missed a 54 yard field goal short to let the Eagles escape with yet another victory. The Eagles have won all 3 of their games by 2 points or less. Can they do it again against the Steelers?

Adam: Surprise surprise, Ben Rape-this-burger has the second-highest QB rating in the NFL (109.2). His 8-1 TD/int ratio ain’t half-bad either. Especially when compared to Michael Vick’s 72.7 QB rating, Vick’s three interceptions for every two touchdowns so far this season. LeSean McCoy has been Philly’s saving grace somewhat (I will now hear arguments in favor of Andy Reid's mustache). McCoy is third in the league with 384 rushing yards, even though he’s already fumbled three times. And get this, the only other player in the NFL who has fumbled just as much (besides Toby Gerhart, RGIII and BGE) is, drum roll please: Mike Vick.

Based off my favorite Latin lingo, ipso facto, the Steelers should suck. The only win they’ve earned this year was against the Jets. Otherwise they’ve lost to Denver and Oakland – neither team is a serious Super Bowl contender.

The Eagles on the other hand have conquered the age-old formula for success in the NFL: win games, it doesn’t matter how, just win them. I’m a true believer in Mike Vick. That’s not to say he won’t throw me in a pit and make me fight to the death one day, but for now, I’m trusting my guy to out-scramble his should-have-been-convicted counterpart. Eagles by a field goal.

Cleveland Browns @ New York Giants

Marley: Giants -9
Mitch: Browns +9
Adam: Giants -9

Marley: The Cleveland Browns are not as bad as their record dictates. Ok maybe they are, but they have been keeping it close and im going to keep my eye on them to be a upset at some point this season. The Browns defense is what has been keeping them in games of late. This team is really young and they are playing their heart out (15 rookies and 11 second year players). Watch out for the Browns in upcoming years because each week they get better. While the defense statistically is nothing impressive being 27th in pass defense and 18th in Rush Defense, they have been giving teams all they can handle since week one. They lost to the Eagles by 1 point, Bengals by a touchdown and shut down Ray Rice last week but lost to the Ravens by a touchdown. Brandon Weeden has been looking good lately and Trent Richardson is everything that they hoped he would be. Like I said this is a young team that is building to be a great football squad in upcoming years and they can keep it close with anyone.

Trent Richardson is having a great rookie year for the Browns. He told the media this week that he hopes to have a big game if he can repeat what McCoy was able post halftime against the Giants

The Giants last week were 3 yards away from being 3-1 and a division leader, and they have nobody to blame but themselves. The Giants were playing great until halftime when they started letting Michael Vick run all over the place and find open receivers. The Giants are really hurting in the secondary right now but they have arguably the best rushing attack in the league and their backups are stepping up in important rolls. They are going to need this to continue and they have to play like they did in the first half for 60 minutes if they want to go anywhere this year. The offensive unit is not a question right now like it was 2 weeks ago when they were starting without Nicks and Bradshaw. Eli Manning doesn’t need big name WRs to get the job done as hes showed in consecutive games with Barden and then Hixon. Add Bradshaw back in the mix and you have a pretty good running tandem with Brown as well. If the Offensive line can give Eli some time hes going to put up some numbers as hes currently has the record for most consecutive games (23) with 200+ passing yards.

JPP and the Giants D-line had trouble containing Vick as he was able to scramble and escape pressure all game last week. Brandon Weeden is nowhere near as mobile and the Nascar Package for the Giants is going to be revving their engines at full capacity

This line has moved a lot since its opened with a ton of people taking the Browns and the points, which makes sense. The Giants have a tendency of letting games like this get close and the Browns this year have given a bunch of teams a scare just like the Ravens last week. I do think the Giants just have too much for the young Browns team to handle but they could keep it close just like the Tampa Bay Bucs did in week 2. Or it could completely go the other way and the Giants could dominate like they did in week 3 against the Panthers. Or who knows, the Giants every year lay down a stinker against a bad team and usually it’s at home, maybe this year it’s the Browns turn. While I wouldn’t really be surprised if any of those options happen and I am certainly biased, I think the Giants will be able to clean this game up fairly easily and win big. Giants cover    

Chicago Bears @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Marley: Bears -5.5
Mitch: Bears -5.5
Adam: Bears -5.5

Mitch: The Jags have not been impressive so far this season, and after a 27-10 loss at the hands of the Bengals last week, things don't seem to be getting any better for them this week.  The Bears defense is ranked third in the NFL against the rush, thus don't look for a big game from MoJo.  With a stymied rushing attack, more pressure will move to Blaine Gabbert who, although improved this season, is still in the bottom 3rd of quarterbacks in the league.  

Jay Cutler and the Bears finally had something to smile about as they took down the Cowboys at home in dominating fashion. While its been a rocky road so far Cutler can silence his critics with another win on the road against Jacksonville

Jay Cutler has been his typical self so far, throwing for five TDs to go along with six picks this season, but surprisingly this hasn't really affected the way the bears have taken it to teams.  Just think of how good they could be with a competent quarterback at the helm.  Either way, even on the road, I see the Bears defense leading them to a win by a touchdown on the road.

San Diego Chargers @ New Orleans Saints

Marley: Saints -3.5
Mitch: Chargers +3.5
Adam: Saints -3.5

Marley: Just how important is a head coach? Well just take a look at the New Orleans Saints and judge for yourself. After four games without head coach Sean Payton, the Saints are sitting at 0-4 with the leagues worst defense and still one of the best passing attacks and I personally don’t think this record is Sean Payton’s fault. The team just has no defensive weapons to work with and that’s on the management and players. Their Rush attack is virtually non-existent, their secondary is getting beat and they lack a strong linebacking core. Basically this team is to live or die on their Offense because the defense isn’t going to be stopping anyone. Drew Brees has been doing everything he can to win games but it cannot all fall on his shoulders. This weekend he is going into this game looking to break Johnny Unitas’s 52 year old passing touchdown record which is huge. The offense is without Lance Moore for this game which is a significant loss, but still look for Brees to throw up a few touchdowns in this game.

Drew Brees is looking to break Johnny Unitas’s 52 year old record. With one more passing TD he will have the most consecutive games with a passing touchdown in NFL history

The Chargers are looking good with a 3-1 record but im just not convinced. Looking at who they have beaten and how they have played I see a lot of problems. So far they have played 3 bad teams and won, the only good team they faced was the falcons in week three and they were completely destroyed. Even last week when they forced 6 turnovers from the Kansas City Chiefs, Phillip Rivers only had around 200 yards and they still allowed the Chiefs to put up 20 points on them. For a game where you completely dominate another team that is unacceptable. The Saints are not going to be a team that the Chargers can just roll over. Drew Brees is 10x the Quarterback that Matt Cassel is and he is not going to be making those mistakes. The Chargers defense was very impressive last week and ill give them that. But they need to bring that intensity and hard play to the Superdome this weekend if they want to escape with a win. Also Rivers needs to step up. He has not been impressive all year so far and this week he really has a chance against one of the leagues worst defenses. If they can play solid ball on both sides then they can get this win on the road.

The Chargers defense manhandled the Chiefs at home with 6 turnovers. The Chiefs were still able to put up 20 points mostly coming at the end of the game. The Chargers are going to have to play a full 60 minutes if they want to walk into New Orleans and take down the Saints. 

This is probably going to be a really high scoring game. The over/under right now is sitting at around 44 which could easily be topped as you can expect Phillip Rivers to throw a couple TDs and the Saints will be giving Drew Brees his usual 50+ throws a game. The big question I think in this game is if the Saints defense can stop Rivers and the Chargers. We can assume with Brees going for the passing TD record and Sean Payton being allowed in the building that the Saints are going to put up points. But Rivers has not looked solid and the Saints are at home infront of a frustrated crowed. They are hungry for a win and to get it at home, before their bye week, with their suspended head coach watch just might be the motivation they need to put down an impressive win. Saints cover

Houston Texans @ New York Jets

Marley: Texans -9
Mitch: Texans -9
Adam: Texans -9

Mark Sanchez and the Jets had no answer for the 49ers defense. Now they play the other best defense in the league. Will anything be different this week? 

Adam: In Game of Thrones, author George R.R. Martin describes people of novice stature, lacking experience and valor in the battlefield as being “green.” Well, it is a known fact that George R.R. lives in Northern New Jersey, just miles away from MetLife Stadium where the Jets play home games. It is also a well-known fact that he, like me, is a Jets fan. So, perhaps, in his last two installments of “A Song of Ice and Fire,” which have yet to be published, George can change the term “green” to “gang green,” or at least adopt the plural form. Maybe something like this could work: “The Unsullied go from a gang green of boys to well-trained soldiers with years of training. They are relieved of manhood to better serve ownership. To better serve the queen.”

I’m not saying we should cut all the Jets players’ manhoods off, but something must be done. I am, however, calling Rex Ryan a beggar queen.

During the post-game ESPN Radio coverage of the Jets 34-0 loss to the 49ers last week, when I heard Rex tell the media that his team needed to focus on the fact that they were 2-2 and still in first place, I almost crashed my car. Same went for Mark Sanchez's post-game whine-fest. Were it not for my impetuous Jeff Gordon-esque whip game, a few pedestrians' families might've been wearing black instead of NFL jerseys this weekend. Seriously, how many weekends in a row (years now) are we going to listen to both of these guys' melancholy, lackluster post-game bullshit conventions? I’m not saying that Tebow is the answer, but there needs to be a change. Maybe, like Penn State should have done the day the Sandusky case came out of the closet, the Jets should just pack it in this season and start working toward next year. Oh, wait, ticket sales. Entire NFL franchises living paycheck to paycheck...I forgot.

All the Jets are going to get out of this week’s Texans match up is more injury and another tally in the loss column. The only questions are … who will it be? and ... by how much? A Bart Scott twisted ankle in a 24-10 snooze-fest? Maybe a Mark Sanchez torn ACL (his lone good knee) in a 53-14 ass-raping. Ohhhh this one is juicy: perhaps Arian Foster will be late-pushed from the back out of bounds, resulting in a 15-yard penalty against the Jets and a broken Rex Ryan kneecap from the impact of Fosters falling, flailing body ramming itself, unintentionally, into the front of it.

God speed to Shone Green’s career and family. Texans by 15.

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