Thursday, October 25, 2012

HumpDayDoppelgangerz - Thursday Edition: Pablo Kung Fu Pandabal

By Adam Maher (@ArtoMar1)

Last night anyone who was blessed enough to witness Game One of the 2012 World Series witnessed Pablo Sandoval crack not one, not two, but three home runs in a single World Series game. Pablo became the fourth player to accomplish this feat in MLB history. The first three were Babe Ruth (twice), Reggie "Mr. October" Jackson and Albert "The Machine" Pujols, who did it just last year when the Cardinals went on to win the World Series over the Rangers. What's more remarkable is that Pablo only hit 12 homers all regular season. 12. That means his three last night equals 25% of his total HR production in 162 regular season games! 396 at bats! Crazy stuff. And no one saw it coming. Not even our perennial MLB bro Spencer "I'm In Miami" Pyke!

Well, I lied. I did mention to my little bro that Panda had a chance to cause a shuffle...

Yes, I do have my brother listed as "Brother" in my contacts list. And incase you were wondering how he's doing, he's killing it, living with friends in Chicago, supporting himself and working for an awesome company called Digitas...future CEO in the making just watch. And for the record, last night's South Park was kind of weak.

I've got to give credit to Tim McCarver for coining the word "Pandabal" last night - even though his Barry Manilow reference made me throw up in my mouth (Joe Buck, I envy your calmness, "Barry Bonds, I meant.") And to Spencer, don't worry bro, I'm still with you for Detroit, although, last night was a total ass-kicking. Which brings me to the point of this post. Pablo Sandoval has the greatest nickname in the game right now: Kung Fu Panda.

The best part? Barry Zito, Pablo's teammate, a former Bro of the Day, and last night's Giants winning pitcher, who also had a gut-wrenching (for Detroit fans) RBI single to help blow the game open and end Justin Verlander's outing, invented the nickname! Apparently Pablo made a diving tag one game at which point Zito, the ever gazing wonder boy, couldn't help but have visions of Po and his Kung Fu tribe of animated goodness.

With that, I'll leave you with Kung Fu Panda, Secrets of the Masters.

PS - How ironic is it that Po's sidekick is a tiger? Omens bro...omens.

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  1. "Screw Dragons, Tigers and Spencer... It's the year of the Panda"

    - Pablo Kung Fu Pandabal after visiting SBz yesterday...