Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bro of the Day: Peyton Manning

By Adam Maher (@ArtoMar1)

Peyton Manning's comeback year so far has been full of attempts with failure, and finally, the greatest quarterback in modern day football and probably the best player of all time has smashed through the portcullis. You could mark it up to Philip Rivers and his six turnovers (four interceptions and two fumbles - one for each of his children perhaps?) or you could mark it up to a few key bounces that went the Broncos' way, but in the end, only one man is responsible for the greatest half time deficit comeback in NFL history: Peyton-Bro.

Week after week it seemed that the Broncos were destined for failure. Going down early in games and failing in the dying seconds to comeback against the Texans, Patriots and Falcons had every NFL fan questioning whether Peyton would ever return to true form. But when you think about how the Broncos have lost all three of those games, and to whom they lost (all Super Bowl contenders), it's safe to say Peyton Manning wasn't struggling at all. In fact, if you look ahead at the Broncos schedule, besides the 1-4 Saints in Week 8, a down-the-road match up against the now 5-1 Ravens, and a rematch against the Chargers, it is very realistic to assume that Denver could go 12-4, or even 13-3. That is, if Peyton stays healthy of course.

A nice stat line from this morning's SportsCenter tells the truth: Peyton gives you on average at least 26 points per game. If John Fox had 26 points per game throughout his entire head coaching career, he'd be 40-3. Moving forward, the Broncos could not be in a better position to make a Super Bowl run. And it's all thanks to Peyton-Bro.

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