Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bro of the Day: Crown Me: Miguel Cabrera

By Adam Maher (@ArtoMar1)

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This morning when I woke up and saw a text message from D-Klau saying to make Miguel Cabrera Bro of the Day for his Triple Crown, I couldn't resist. After all, it is the first MLB TC since Carl Yastrzemski, the second greatest Red Sock of all time, in 1967. Not to mention, S-Pyke wrote a darling post earlier this season about Cabrera's mentoring of Avisail Garcia, in which Spencer proclaimed,

"Getting to the point, Garcia grew up idolizing fellow Venezuelan native Miguel Cabrera, and now he is lucky enough to mentor under him.  Cabrera has reportedly taken the rook under his wing to offer him big league advice, which bodes well for Garcia, since Cabrera has been one of the best hitters the Majors since his arrival in 2003. And as always, the teacher has just as much opportunity to learn from his student as he does to teach.

While Cabrera has struggled with some off-the-field issues in recent years, a new sense of responsibility and guidance toward his fellow countryman could be the perfect catalyst to help his maturation process into the veteran era of his career. 

With 310 home runs before his 30th birthday, Cabrera could end up as one of the greatest hitters of all time, as long as he continues to stay focused and on “the right track” according to critics."

And wasn't that the case. Avisail ended up hitting .319 in 25 Major League at-bats this season, and his mentor won the Triple Crown. 

So here's to Miguel, the best player in baseball this year. He's definitely in contention for SBz Bro of the Year!

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