Saturday, October 13, 2012

As Predicted, Marcus Lattimore is Crushing the Game

By Spencer Pyke (@N0CommonSpence)

Bro, in case you didnt get the previous memo, Latti-Dodi is for real!

Fifteen months ago, I delivered here on SportzBroz a memo alerting college football fans and defenses about the monster that is Marcus Lattimore prior to his 2011 campaign.

ne season-ending knee injury and an offseason of rehabilitation later, Lattimore is back killing the game for the #3 Gamecocks.  Although it is great to see him back, reinforcing the credibility of the memo, the best part about all of his success thus far in 2012, is that the Bro isn’t even 100%.

That’s right, Lattimore, who has rushed for 549 yards in six games this season racking up nine touchdowns in the process, is not even back to full strength according to the South Carolina coaching staff.  The junior out of Duncan, S.C. is averaging 113 yards a game against Southeastern Conference opponents while averaging less carries than any other season - straight mind boggling.

Tonight, Lattimore can put himself even higher on the Heisman watch list with a primetime performance on primetime television on the road against #9 LSU.  Although LSU falling to Florida last week takes away some of the significance to college football fans, you can bet that Lattimore and South Carolina are licking their chops at the opportunity to smash LSU in the mouth and shift the power structure of the SEC even more.

Unfortunately for Bayou Nation, tonight’s match up does not bode well. The Tigers have allowed a running back to gain at least 80 yards rushing each of their last three games (Auburn, Towson and Florida) and it looks like that streak will continue tonight.  This game will prove whether or not South Carolina is for real after pounding Georgia into the ground last week and whether or not LSU is still an SEC powerhouse.

I am damn near positive Lattimore will have another 100+ yard performance.  He has also scored in every game this season, so don’t expect that trend to end either.

It doesn’t get any easier next week as South Carolina heads south for a match up with #4 Florida in “The Swamp”.  Fortunately for Gamecock fans, Lattimore could average four yards a carry in any eco-system even at less than full strength, now imagine his ability when he can keep it 100.

LSU, Florida and the rest of the nation, here’s another memo, Latti-Dodi is barreling towards an end zone near you.

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