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M & M´s NFL Pickz Week 2

By Marley Burr & Mitch Sandberg

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Week 1 Player of the Week goes to RGIII for leading the Redskins to an upset against the Saints and completing the longest touchdown pass in Redskins history on his first completion to Pierre Garcon.

Green Bay Packers
Chicago Bears
Packers -7
Buffalo Bills
Kansas City
Bills -3
Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns
Bengals -7
Indianapolis Colts
Minnesota Vikings
Vikings -1.5
Carolina Panthers
New Orleans Saints
Saints -3
Jacksonville Jaguars
Houston Texans
Texans -7.5
Miami Dolphins
Oakland Raiders
Raiders -2.5
New England Patriots
Arizona Cardinals
Patriots -14
New York Giants
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Giants -9
Philadelphia Eagles
Baltimore Ravens
Eagles -1
St. Louis Rams
Washington Redskins
Redskins -3
Seattle Seahawks
Dallas Cowboys
Cowboys -3
Pittsburgh Steelers
New York Jets
Steelers -6
San Diego Chargers
Tennessee Titans
Chargers -6
San Francisco 49ers
Detroit Lions
49ers -6.5
Atlanta Falcons
Denver Broncos
Falcons -3

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Guest of the Week

A lot of people say that Week 1 is the hardest week to make picks but I would make a strong argument for week 2. Its hard to determine how a team performs on just 1 game much like it is to base your picks on the little you see in the preseason. Week 1 gives you a glimpse into the teams strengths and weaknesses as well as problem areas and where they need to improve. However, there are still 15 games to go and many teams are looking to come back from a week 1 loss or game plan that might have gotten away from them. Here are our picks, good luck and win some money.

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Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers 

Marley: Bears +7
Mitch: Packers -7
Danny: Bears +7

Marley: Oh man this is a game I am staying far, far away from. When you have two hated rivals who both are expecting deep playoff runs, anything can happen. Even if these teams weren’t on the same level, as far as rivals go, emotion due to the importance of the matchup can change players to play up to their competition. In this case right now the Bears look like the more rounded team. They have a good offense composed of a strong running game and passing game. They also have a good defense which Cutler can rely on. Green Bays passing game is more pronounced but they are lacking in the running game and their defense might just be the worst in the league. However, they did still manage to put up 22 against the best defense in the league in the 49ers. I honestly don’t know if another team is going to be able to do that for the rest of the season. That being said I see this ending as a really close game or even the Bears on top. Cutler to Marshall is dangerous and they should be able to expose that Packer defense even more than the 49ers did.

Cutler and Marshall are finally reunited in Chicago after their Broncos Days

Kansas City @ Buffalo Bills

Marley: Kansas City wins
Danny: Kansas +3
Mitch: Kansas +3

Kansas City even with the loss to the Falcons by 16 points I thought looked pretty good. They were running the ball well and Cassel was making some good plays. Going into halftime the game was only a 3 point difference. It was the second half that really hurt them and where the Falcons ran away with it. The Chiefs I think can be a really good team this year but they are going to need to figure out how to play 60 minutes and what a better time to do it than against the Bills in week 2. Speaking of the Bills…well, I was completely wrong last week about the Buffalo Bills. They were terrible. Fitzpatrick was throwing picks all over the field, Fred Jackson gets injured and their defense let THE JETS SCORE 48 POINTS. That’s insane. That’s pretty much as bad as it gets for showing up week 1 and starting your season. Having said that, there is nowhere to go but up from there. CJ Spiller looked fantastic and they did still get some points in the game against what is supposed to be one of the leagues best defenses. But I don’t think they are going to win this game. Take the extra points and Kansas City to win straight out.  

Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals

Marley: Browns +7
Danny: Browns +7
Mitch: Browns +7

Well the only thing I can really say about the Cleveland Browns is that their defense surprised me and they almost pulled out a huge upset against the Eagles. That being said their offense was as horrible as everyone thought. Brandon Weeden was terrible and I have no idea how they don’t put Colt McCoy into that game to finish it out. That being said now they are on the road against a Bengals team that is certainly hurting after getting embarrassed by the Ravens on Monday night. Watching that game the Bengals didn’t really look that bad, they held with the Ravens for the first half and then had a really nice drive to start off the second half. After that everything fell apart. The Bengals are going to need to correct that but I think they are a good team and should bounce back here at home against the Browns; the only question is if they are going to win by a touchdown or not. I think this one might be closer than we think.

Minnesota Vikings @ Indianapolis Colts

Marley: Vikings -1.5
Danny: Colts + 1.5
Mitch: Vikings -1.5

This is a really good even matchup but unfortunately not involving 2 really good teams. They are just even. I would say that both of these team defenses are on the same level, trying to rebuild and come back from bad seasons. The colts like they did with Peyton Manning have put all their eggs into building around Andrew Luck. He looked ok in his first game finishing with 23/45 with over 300 yards, a touchdown and 3 interceptions. Those interceptions are really going to hurt them and I think they need to use the running game some more if they want to be able to open the field for Luck. The Vikings on the other hand are really happy that Peterson is back after a bad injury that ended his season in 2011. He rushed for 84 yards with 2 touchdowns while Ponder also looked good going 20/27 with 270 yards. This is another big Rivalry game that really could go either way but I think the Vikings are going to win this one on the shoulders of Peterson. The spread is only 1.5 so im going to take the Vikings to cover.

New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers

Marley: Saints -3
Danny: Saints -3
Mitch: Saints -3

The Saints dropped the ball on their opener. Either that or RGIII is the truth. I think im going with both happened at the same time. The saints were not ready for RGIII and they also had a lot of mistakes in the game. Brees was inconsistent and their defense was abused. The difference maker in this I think has to be Brees. An inconsistent game for Brees where he only went 24/52 still resulted in 339 yards with 3 Touchdowns (2 interceptions as well). Cam Newton is going to put up some point against the Saints because hes that good but the Panthers couldn’t score more than 10 points on the Bucs. The Saints are a much better team than the Buccaneers and they will figure out their problems including Brees and his inconsistency. Saints win by at least 3 - Marley

Both of these teams came out in unimpressive fashion in week one against teams who at this point aren't necessarily the top tier of the NFC in the Bucs and Redskins.  The Saints defense definitely suffered without their leader Jonathan Vilma, but as he looks to make his debut this weekend the Who Dat nation can be confident in an improved performance on Sunday.  Drew Brees will also be looking to start fast this week, and I definitely see an improved performance against the Panther defense.  Cam Newton will also be looking to better a less than stellar outing, and facing a Saints defense that is ranked dead last after week one he should be able to bring the stats this week, yet I don't see that giving them the win.  Saints by a touchdown. - Mitch

Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Marley: Jaguars +7.5
Danny: Texans -7.5
Mitch: Texans -7.5

Houston looked really good in their opener against the Dolphins and they are a lot of people picks to go all the way this year. Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, Matt Schaub and co all handled their business and took care of the Dolphins pretty easily. A 7 ½ point spread is tough, because while I do believe that the Texans win this game, I can totally see this game being ended with a late touchdown or defensive stop by Houston. Blaine Gabbert actually did very well last week going 23/39 with 260 yards and 2 TDs. MJD was kind of forced into playing more than anticipated once Jennings went down with an injury but he looked fine and should be even more game ready this weekend. I would go with Jacksonville covering the spread at home but if the line falls to under a touchdown by the time the game starts I would take Houston.

Oakland Raiders @ Miami Dolphins

Marley: Raiders -2.5
Danny: Raiders -2.5
Mitch: Raiders -2.5

Everyone knows the big name QB or RBs and WRs on their NFL teams, but in all press conferences the players consistently stress that it is a team game and everyone plays their part. This could not have been more evident with the Raiders on Monday night. Who thought that an injury to a Pro Browl long snapper would have such an effect on this games outcome? After 3 botched long snaps which gave the chargers 3 field goals (The raiders lost by 8) you can be rest assured that this week they are going to be giving the backup long snapper a ton of practice. Otherwise Oakland I didn’t think looked too bad. Their defense was able to get some stops and Darren McFadden was the entire offense due to injuries as expected. The Dolphins on the other hand were horrible. Many people were questioning why they would start Tennehill after Matt Moore already played a season with this team, now they will question it more. The Dolphins were absolutely shut down by the Texans. Tennehill threw 3 picks and no TDs as the only time they saw the endzone all game came from a punt return. While I don’t think the Raiders will beat them that bad I do think it will be more than 3 points. Raiders to cover.

Arizona Cardinals @ New England Patriots

Marley: Patriots -14
Danny: Patriots -14
Mitch: Patriots -14

This one I think im going to stay away from as well. 14 point spreads are just too much leeway for the other team to cover. While I don’t think the Cardinals are going to win this game by any means, they might not lose by 14 either. Kevin Kolb is going to most likely be starting in place of the injured Skelton and I think that helps the Cardinals. He might have had a bad camp but Kolb is a better quarterback than Skelton and he has some weapons at his disposal. The Patriots are an offensive nightmare however, and have a hall of fame quarterback at their helm. Not to mention that their defense looked pretty great last weekend shutting down the Titans. Basically the way I see it is that the NE defense is better than Seahawks defense who let the Cardinals put up 20 points on them. I think 20 is the maximum amount of points the Cardinals get in this game while it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for the Patriots to put up 30+. Gun to my head id say the Patriots win 34 – 17 and cover the spread.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New York Giants

Marley: Buccaneers +9
Danny: Buccaneers +9
Mitch: Giants -9

The Bucs I think are going to have a much better year than last year and look like a pretty balanced game. 24 passing plays with Freeman and 24 Rushes with Martin will keep defenses honest and they do have talent. But they need to be better at keep the ball out of the opposing teams hands, extend their drives and get some points. The defense looked good with 2 interceptions but that could just Cam Newton give it away. Either way they will have their hands full with the NY Giants and they are going to have to step up if they want to be able to get a win against the defending champions. As for the Giants the old saying is never bet on the team you love and it’s a lesson I never seem to learn. However, to be fair everyone except for Cowboys fans picked the Giants to win that game and they laid a stinker. The Giants secondary was beat all night by Dez Bryant and Ogletree, The D-line got 2 sacks all game and barely pressured Romo, the O-line couldn’t open a single hole for Bradshaw to get through and Victor Cruz was dropping balls all over the field. That being said they still almost were able to comeback had they been able to get that 3rd down stop at the end of the game they have a legitimate chance of sending it to overtime. I like Josh Freeman but I don’t think he has close to the weapons that Romo had and the Giants had a serious kick in the ass wake up call last week. Giants win by 10.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Baltimore Ravens

Marley: Ravens to win
Danny: Ravens +1
Mitch: Ravens +1

I honestly had to read this spread around 10 times before it sunk in. I checked a couple betting sites and made sure it wasn’t a mistake. That’s right. The Eagles, who barely beat the Cleveland Browns, are favored to win against the Ravens who had the most dominant performance of the week. This is my big bet of the week. The Ravens looked good on every side of the ball and Joe Flacco was looking like he had full command of that offense while Michael Vick could barely get anything against the Browns. THE BROWNS. If you watched any of either of these two games there is no way this could be a real spread. I feel like there is something im missing. It must be a trap. Ravens win this game straight up no question.

Washington Redskins @ St. Louis Rams

Marley: Redskins -3
Danny: Redskins -3
Mitch: Redskins -3

The most impressive player for Week 1 I think has to be RGIII. He and the rest of the Washington Redskins looked great going into New Orleans where nobody expected them to win and then dominating the Football game. What I was most impressed with was that he was able to get points in the Redzone which is tough for any NFL QB. He was 19/26 with 320 yards and 2 touchdowns. Now that hes proved he can pick apart mediocre defense the question is can he do it consistently. The Rams were able to pick off Stafford 3 times on Sunday and return one of those picks for a touchdown but they are going to have a lot less to work with against RGIII. The Rams also were not very impressive on offense relying heavily on the run game and field goals. I think the Redskins should easily be able to go in and take care of the Rams like they did to the Saints. Redskins by 10 - Marley

Washington is riding high on the wings of a week one win behind the ridiculous athleticism of RG3.  With a QB that athletic I'm even more of a believer this week after the week one shellacking of the Saints.  St. Louis looked decent last week against the Lions, and that makes this game difficult to call.  That being said I see another Redskins win this week with them pulling away in the second half behind a big dose of RG3. - Mitch

Dallas Cowboys @ Seattle Seahawks

Marley: Cowboys -3
Danny: Seattle +3
Mitch: Cowboys -3

Already with a loss to Arizona under their belt, the Seahawks aren't looking like the once hyped team of the offseason.  Playing with Russell Wilson at the helm, Seattle is going to have a steep learning curve throughout the season.  On the other end of the spectrum the Cowboys looked sharp in week one, and quick starts aren't something Dallas has been known for the past two years.  Frankly I can't see why this line is so low, as I expect a Dallas win by ten or more and a second win for big D.

New York Jets @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Marley: Steelers -6
Danny: Steelers -6
Mitch: Steelers -6

Well I’m just going to go ahead and say it. I’m still not impressed with the Jets. Yes they looked great week one, but they played the Bills. Was it really just the Jets that looked good or was it combined with the fact that the Bills played horribly. I’m going to go with the latter and say that this week they will show their true colors. The Steelers played a great game against the Denver Broncos and are not facing Revis this Sunday who seems to be out with a concussion. Either way the Steelers at home are a challenge for any team and I see them trouncing the Jets. Steelers by 10 or more.

Tennessee Titans @ San Diego Chargers

Marley: Chargers -6
Danny: Chargers -6
Mitch: Chargers -6

This is a tough one, as I find both of these teams ridiculously unpredictable.  The Chargers looked better than expected against the Raiders in week one, but it's hard to judge that performance based on the long snapping fiasco that occurred Monday night.  The Titans couldn't handle the Patriots last week, and playing away from home I don't see them being able to handle the Chargers on the road this week either.  Rivers should pull through and improve upon his performance from week one.

Detroit Lions @ San Francisco 49ers

Marley: 49ers -6.5
Danny: 49ers -6.5
Mitch: 49ers -6.5

After the spanking that the Niners put on the Packers last week at Lambeau, they're looking like the early season NFC favorite.  Yes, I realize that the Pack had a chance in the fourth quarter, and that shows how dangerous their offese is, yet in watching the game it was obvious who came to play last Sunday.  With the home opener this weekend, the team will be looking to show what they can do in front of the 49er faithful.  

Matt Stafford was far from impressive in his season debut, and going up against a dominating Niner defense, don't look for him to look much better.  Calvin Johnson is always a wild card, but being double covered every play he needs Nate Burleson and Titus Young to step up and make some big catches if the Lions are going to have a chance.  I don't see that happening.  Niners by at least 10 points here.

Denver Broncos @ Atlanta Falcons

Marley: Falcons -3
Danny: Broncos +3
Mitch: Broncos +3

Both the Falcons and the Broncos showed high powered offenses week 1 and defenses that can change the outcome of a game. By the numbers these are two extremely even teams who should play a classic game Monday night. I think this game will go a lot like the Denver/Steelers game this last Monday night and end in the Falcons favor. They just have too many weapons to expose the Broncos as well as a strong defense. Add the fact that they have home field advantage and I think the Falcons win this one. 

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