Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Letter to the Fans: Boycott the NFL this Weekend

One referee motions touchdown while the other motions for change of possession at the same time. The play was called a touchdown, giving the Seattle Seahawks the win while replay, Gruden, and the nation watching could clearly see it was an interception by the Green Bay Packers.

Dear NFL Fans,

For three weeks now we have watched the NFL Replacement Referees continue to hurt the integrity and outcome of the NFL games that we all love so much. While for the first two weeks it seemed as though they had little or no impact on the outcome of the games - that seems to have changed this week. The Referees are without-a-doubt getting progressively worse as they continue to lose control of the game and affect outcomes. How many of you reading this are Green Bay or New England fans? How many of you had money on the outcomes of those games? The NFL Replacement Refs are going to continue to do this to the game we love unless we do something to help.
My proposal is this:

NFL Network Games: I won’t say stop watching NFL games in general because, realistically, there's no chance of that happening. However, you can affect the NFL Network: stop watching it. They read the ratings and the ratings affect the NFL directly. Stop watching Thursday night games on the NFL Network. If you do not have NFL Network, then don’t go to friend’s house to watch it, don’t go to the bar - find something else to do. You can check fantasy the next day. Make a point not to give the NFL Network direct money or ratings. If you do have the NFL Network shut it off. Just don’t watch.

Weekend NFL Games: Only watch your team's game. We have started to become accustomed to watching all the games, the primetime games, NFL Redzone and so on. For this weekend make a point to only watch your game and as I just mentioned, DO NOT watch the NFL Network at all. Show the NFL you mean business. You can support your team and still affect the ratings. Is your team not playing a Primetime NFL Sunday or Monday night game? Don’t watch it then.

Attending NFL games: Don’t buy tickets to this weekend's games. If you are sitting at your computer right now thinking about going to StubHub and buying a ticket to this weekend’s game…don’t. Pick a game farther down the line and let this weekend go. If you already have tickets and are attending this weekend's game that’s fine but try to do two things: make a point to the NFL by not entering the stadium until the second quarter. Additionally, do not purchase anything at the stadium. It’s only a three-hour game. Bring a sandwich and a bottle of water, do not give the owners and the NFL more money then they are already making!

Merchandise: Do not buy NFL gear until the NFL Refs are back. No jerseys, no hats, no shirts, nothing NFL sponsored.. When you go to the game do not buy food or give them money for apparel. We have plenty of time before the holiday season. Do not give the NFL money. 

Make no mistake, the NFL owners will not change a thing unless we act! As we continue to purchase NFL memorabilia, watch and attend NFL games, the owners continue to make their money and will have no reason to come to an agreement with the NFL Referees who have the experience and skill to control the game.

While I understand that many will not do this, if you agree that enough is enough then you can make a difference. Your choice to not watch the primetime games or buy tickets to this weekend’s game could just be the tipping point to show the NFL that we the fans will not tolerate these replacements anymore. After all, even if you are not a Green Bay fan, next week it could happen to your team. If you agree with this please pass this letter onto your friends and try to do what you can for the game we love.



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