Monday, July 30, 2012

Bro of the Day: Michael Phelps

By Adam Maher

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The Human Shark failed to reach the podium the first day of London 2012, as Ryan Lochte took the gold in the men's swimming 400-meter freestyle on Saturday. But it didn't take long for Phelps to bounce back, nabbing a silver medal Sunday in the 400-meter men's freestyle relay.

Interestingly, Ryan Lochte did not say a word of Michael Phelps' efforts in his post-race interview with Andrea Kremer, as Phelps placed phourth. He did, however, manage to tout his own talents with a smug rapport of himself that until yesterday was humanly impossible.

And the most interesting part? Team USA probably would have won the gold in yesterday's relay over the French if not for Lochte's weak-link leg of the race. It was in plain sight: Phelps' leg put the US in first, Lochte's lost the lead, and the race.

So here's to Michael Phelps, who restored America's faith in him. Let's be honest, people, we Americans love us some Phelpsy - bong water and all. Whoever saw NBC's in-home interview with Lochte before he won the 400-meter individual freestyle, and saw his custom RYAN LOCHTE soul sneakers, so people could, "see where he was walking when it was raining on the deck," besides vomiting in their mouths, realized that Phelps isn't half as stuck up as Lochte is. Lochte still has a long way to swim to catch Phelps, so don't get too cocky on us yet, Lochte. Phelps is still the man!

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