Friday, June 15, 2012

Who Needs the Weekend? I've Got Sunday Night

By Spencer Pyke

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Like most people, I live for the weekend and detest when it comes to an end. Knowing another Monday morning looms is quite possibly the worst feeling every Sunday night - but this weekend is different: I am feigning for some Sunday night.

Right now, as I write, it’s Friday evening, and for the first time this month I don’t have to work on Saturday.  A summer league soccer game, Euro Cup and striking out with the gorgeous waitress at the bar, again, are the only guarantees.

And when the sun settles over the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia this Sunday, I will not be dreading another work week, nor will I will ponder an excuse to get myself out of work on Monday.  Instead, I will be glued to the television as a US Open Champion is crowned (cough, Tiger, cough, cough) and the NBA Finals resumes in Miami.

Two words: That's purdy.

Up to this point, both events have been nothing short of spectacular.

Tiger straight blasted Bubba and Phil on Thursday in the opening round of the U.S. Open.  El Tigre was one of only three players to shoot under par through the weekend at the tightly-knit Olympic Club, and as long as he remains within six strokes of the leader, it’s all over come Sunday.  Then again, if you are a daily reader of us here at, you already knew that Tiger's rainbow of hope was awaiting him this weekend in Sanny Fran.

What you may not have known entering the weekend, is that Bubba and Phil would be tippy-toeing the cut line.  Honestly, I could care less.  Our national golf championship is all about one thing come Sunday night: Tiger Woods.

Golf on the West Coast is not the only stellar event the sporting gods have bestowed upon us this weekend, as 2,594 miles away the NBA Finals will resume after a three-day break that will surely feel like a month.

The first two games have down right been better than any games the entire postseason, and I expect it to be the same narrative for the remainder of the series.  Just as everyone expected, it has been a highlight reel composed of Brontosaurus and Durantula with a few clips from Dubs Wade and West, and others.

Heading to the 305 for Games 3, 4 and 5, anything could happen and most likely will.  I expect Bron-Bron to continue to average 30+ and I know, mark my word, KDtrey has a game winner up his sleeve after missing the five footer in Game 2.

It’s Friday night, and the weekend is dead ahead.  But what's it matter to me, all I care about is Sunday evening, and the Saturday night waitress of course, who is the equivalent of my U.S. Open or Larry O’Brien. 

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