Friday, June 22, 2012

LeBron James: I Can See Clearly Now He's Just Begun and It's About Damn Time

I should have known that I'd stay up all night writing the day LeBron James won his first NBA Finals MVP. After all, I did write this, and this, and, this.

On top of personally correcting @kevingcristy, the NBA Finals-related tweets have been out-of-control amazing. I highly suggest you head over to twitter after you finish reading every post on this glorious blog and check out what was trending last night. And to think, twitter wasn't even working when I woke up Thursday morning. Thank G they got their act together!

Here are a few gems:

DeionSanders ‏@DeionSanders
Give @king James his props. U stoned him when THEY lost now CROWN him now that THEY won. It takes more emotion to hate than to Love. Truth

I think Deion is trying to overtake Kid Cudi's title as "the originator of the drunk tweet" or something.

shakespeare bro™ ‏@ImaPolarbear
R.I.P LeBron James Ringless Jokes 2003-2012


One Does Not Simply ‏@1DoesNot
One does not simply make #Lebron James is ring-less jokes anymore.

Great tweet, many have attempted this twitter handle idea, spot on.

Liverpool FC ‏@LFC
Congratulations to our man @KingJames & the Miami Heat on winning NBA Championship. These @LFC kids will be happy!

This video at the end of the LFC tweet is priceless:

And @NIKE, oh, @NIKE, how you kill the game so I'll never know:

There really isn't much to say. LeBron James has risen from the hate and seized his destiny. Sure, it took him nine NBA seasons, a new city, a new stellar crew, a new outlook on basketball, but hey, it's over.

The King has been crowned.

Plus, how could you be mad at this:

Or this:

People of Cleveland should be happy. In essence, you made out pretty well. Not only did your boy LeBron win the NBA Title, but Kyrie Irving has legitimized himself as a nationwide fan favorite, solidified by the Uncle Drew comercial picking up momentum during the Finals.

But remember these days? "Mistake by the lake no more."

Damn, that's gotta hurt! Could've been you guys if your owner hadn't been insane! At least Dan Gilbert is making progress. Remember this open letter, @CavsDan?


And tonight Dan tweets, "Great NBA season. Enjoyed playoffs. Congratulations to Miami & OKC for an exciting Finals. Back to work on next weeks promising Cavs draft."

Did I say progress? I take that back.

...and wow, shout out to Ricky Davis. That dude could JUMP.

By now I'm sure you've heard all the stat lines the 24/7 news cycle has to offer.

26 points, 13 assists, 11 rebounds and one NBA Championship trophy from Bill Russell is my favorite.

And by the way...let the Michael Jordan debate reopen full swing.

Five, six, seven, eight more championships is far from impossible for LeBron & Co. The only question is who will be next year's supporting cast?

Wade and Bosh will surely be around for four, five years minimum, but what about guys like...Mike Miller?

What a performance. He certainly earned his $5.4 million this year. 7-8 from 3-point land, netting 23 points with what looked like a 70-year-old's body as he hobbled up and down the court, reminiscent of Uncle Drew's pre-game-murdering in Bloomfield, NJ (that sounded off). He's got three years worth eight figures left on his contract. It was just a year ago that I was claiming him the worst defender in the NBA, but tonight he proved that his defensive capabilities simply do not matter.

And what of Mario Chalmers? 10 and 7 is legit. He ain't going no where.

Norris Cole was a rookie this year. He seemed to fit perfectly into Spoelsta's "system" toward the end of the season and into the playoffs. I'm digging the box top, by the way, bro. We all are.

Part of me thinks Pat Riley OKAYed this kid just to laugh in Cleveland's face. Ain't nothing like four years at Cleveland State to prepare you for an NBA Finals Championship season! Franklin Edwards knows what I'm talking about! Except for the NBA Championship, but, we're cool.

And seriously, can someone please give Joel Anthony some credit? Dude killed himself for this team all season and he didn't play one minute in the finals - or did he? I have no idea - I actually don't think his name was mentioned once all series. Hard to believe dude earned $5 million this year, and that he's got three more years until his ink seeps to the table top.

Shane Battier had a cinderella playoff run. Go Duke! Losing him would be a travesty.

Udonis Haslem as always KTG but could be gone. James Jones and Ron Turiaf are expendable obviously.

That leaves us with Eddy Curry and Juwan Howard.

The fattest player in the league and the oldest (Grant Hill and Kurt Thomas don't count, no reason, though, my man Kurt is pushing for both titles next season I hear...unless wait, did he retire?).

Eddy Curry, man, I don't think any sportz bro has caught more slack for winning a championship in any sport in one night than this dude.

Mmmmmmmmm...snackk packks....Snickerbockers...

Holy crap, I've digressed harder than Seth MacFarlane on a good day.

It's been a long time since I started publicly backing LeBron James' famous "six, seven, eight championships" claim to fame, and now, finally, KING JAMES has cleared the air. And the REIGN has just begun.

I'd bet this song is playing is Chris Bosh's bed room RIGHT NOW.

PS - Chris Bash - had anyone thought of that nickname before just now? Either way, your hate ceases to exist.

And on a side note, The Thunder were absolutely awesome to watch this season. Serge Ibaka, James Harden, Kevin Durant and Scotty Brooks made up the youngest crew to get this far in I don't know how long.

Hats off for their efforts.

But in the end it was all HEAT no Thunder in the forecast! #clowning

I always love a good 'rant.

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