Sunday, June 10, 2012

THE Big Three: Pass the Torch, Boston

Not one, not two but three.  That’s how many members of THE Big Three stepped up Saturday night as the Heat advanced to the NBA Finals for the second straight year.

On a night when everyone in America thought Bron-Bron needed a game six like performance for the Heat to advance, Bron, Wade and Bosh scored the last 31 points of the game, including all 28 in the fourth quarter, as THE Big Three ended the Big Four’s season for the second consecutive year.  After a frenzied free agent period in 2010 combined their talents in South Beach, everyone said the Eastern Conference ran through Boston. 

Well Beantown, pass the torch.

Lebron practically jumped over Rondo, whose class after the game compares to the Boston fan who dumped the brew on the King’s head, for a Celtic-deflating oop.  Bosh, yes Skip Bayless, Chris Bosh stepped up immensely nailing two huge three pointers in the fourth and D-Wade, hobbled due to a knee injury, dropped a line of 23 – 6 – 6.

The entire nation was lurking in the shadows, ready to make the Heat and their fans the laughing stock of America for another summer. As the two squads entered the fourth quarter all tied up, the tweets and statuses were all ready to be blasted off.  “Prince James does it again!”  “Like a BOSH!” “Wade should stop crying and play defense!”

But then, as quick as one can fire off a tweet, THE Big Three ended all that non-sense.  Credit where credit is due to Boston for pushing it to seven games, but the better team won Saturday night. 

Celebrate and enjoy the taste of victory today we will, but as we learned last year, we’ve only just begun. Few people can name the trophy a team receives for a Conference Championship and there is a reason for that, because the Larry O’Brien is all that matters.

For the second straight year, THE Big Three won the first three battles of the war.  Now, it is on to the most important and toughest battle that begins Tuesday night in Oklahoma City.

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