Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NBA Bro of the Day: Chris Paul

By Adam Maher@ArtoMar1

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Chris Paul is without a doubt today's NBA Bro of the Day for four incredible reasons.

1) On the Court. Last night CP3 went bonkers in overtime against the Grizzlies in Game 4 of their Western Conference First Round match up. With Blake Griffin in foul trouble, the Clippers went to Paul on the same play multiple times, and he delivered, dropping three crucial and defining mid-range pull up jumpers, and one insufferable short-range bank shot to send the Grizzlies to their doom. After pulling off a most improbable comeback in Game 1, the Clippers now sit up three games to one, and are looking quite fierce.

Charles Barkley mentioned in the TNT Post Game Show that it was essentially the Grizzlies game to lose, that they should have been able to handle CP3 running the same play four times in a row with Blake Griffin fouled out, but needless to say, Chris Paul made them pay in a Bro of the Day way.

Dude was dead serious last night. No games, just buckets and victories.

2) Chris Paul's son is officially Honorary Mini-Bro of the Day for his press conference antics. Seriously, have you ever seen a cooler kid with a brighter future? What a lucky guy! Do the Blake Face!

3) CP3.V to be released this week. As you know, Chris Paul is signed to the Jordan Brand. His fifth shoe, the CP3.V, is set to release in multiple new color schemes this week.

Two words: cha-ching!

4) Perhaps the most impressive of all, Chris is being considered to take Derek Fisher's place as NBAPA President this offseason. As quoted from USA Today:

“The National Basketball Players Association Executive Committee is trying to push out its president, Oklahoma City Thunder guard Derek Fisher, for reasons not fully explained, with Los Angeles Clippers guard and committee member Chris Paul emerging as a potential replacement. NBPA vice president and Washington Wizards guard-forward Maurice Evans said that Paul would have to be nominated and elected. Until that could happen, executive committee first vice president and Boston Celtics guard Keyon Dooling would be interim president. ‘We can’t, by bylaws, say who is going to be the president; that would have to go to a vote,’ Evans said. ‘Chris Paul’s name may circulate as one of the players who could fulfill that role, given that he’s a younger player (at 26), on the executive committee and played a huge role during the lockout. He has the respect of a lot of players.’

Congrats to Chris Paul. After all the preseason crap he had to deal with in the trade situation, dude is murdering the game right now. Keep it up, bro!

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