Friday, May 18, 2012

NBA's BIG Commercials Kinetic Typography Technology Explored and Conquered

By Adam Maher

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My younger brother, James, who just this month graduated from the University of Indiana with a degree in informatics, took a class a few semesters back that required him to choose and conquer a new form of technology.

He chose kinetic typography.

For his first project, he explored Mos Def's "Mathematics." The video took James nearly the entire semester to create, and in my least bias opinion, the finished product is a work of art. For his second project, which he released last week, he chose to mimic the NBA's BIG campaign, in which they use kinetic typography to dramaticize NBA action for commercials.

James used video footage he found on YouTube of Kobe Bryant, ran it with the song "Cissy Strut" by The Meters for a soundtrack and wrote the typography himself.

Needles to say, the video came out FIRE:

Just to compare James' "Bread and Butter" BIG mimmic video to the professionals', here are all nine official NBA BIG kinetic typography commercials, as embedded from YouTube:

James was worried about copyright infringement when he first told me about his video - and he might have to be, because his video is easily as good if not better than the official NBA campaign.

If I were the NBA, I'd be trying to hire him ASAP.

Good job, Jimmy, and congrats on graduating. You're killin' it.

Follow James on twitter @JimiMaher to keep up with his future projects. 

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