Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mayweather vs. Cotto 2012: Pre-bell Banter

By Spencer Pyke

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Although he will not be trading blows with Manny Pacquiao, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr. has quite the formidable opponent in Miguel Cotto this Saturday night in Vegas.

Mayweather: Entering the fight, Money May is a perfect 42 – 0 with 26 knock outs. His most recent victory came in September against Victor Ortiz, and like everything Mayweather does, there was a bit of controversy. After the referee separated the two fighters near the end of the fourth round, Mayweather took advantage of Ortiz failing to protect himself and knocked him out cold. While many boxing fans disagreed, the WBA said there was nothing illegal about the hit.

And while it was all fun and games as Floyd made his way through the mall with 50 Cent during an HBO Mayweather vs. Cotto 24/7 piece, he won't be wearing a helmet tonight...

A motorcycle helmet, that is.

Cotto: Miguel’s overall record of 37 – 2 is almost as stellar as Floyd's, and he is coming off a huge victory in December over Antonio Margarito - the only fighter besides Pacquiao to ever defeat him. 

After their initial fight in 2008, Cotto claimed that Margarito used a plaster-like substance in his wrapping to increase punching power. Margarito, who was caught doing just that his very next fight, continued to deny Cotto's claim. It all resulted in a melodramatic, yet redeeming rematch for Cotto, who earned the 10th round TKO.

When it was over, Cotto walked close to Margarito's corner and stared him down in front of the jam-packed Madison Square Garden crowd.

"I just wanted to savor my victory,'' Cotto said as quoted by the NYDailyNews. "I wanted him to see me savoring my victory with the one eye he had open.''

While their personalities could not be more different, Money Mayweather and Cotto do share one thing in common: success.

Mayweather is currently the WBC Welterweight Champion while Cotto is WBA (Super) Light Middleweight Champion. They are not just dominating the same opponents either, Floyd is a five division World Champion while Cotto is a four time World Champ in three divisions.  This bout will be for Cotto's belt - a chance for Floyd to earn his eighth world championship belt. 

The entire world wants to see undefeated Money Mayweather and Pac-Man go at it, but today's bout is sure to be a high quality fight for the time being. Although the two fighters have been nothing but courteous leading up to the Cinco de Mayo slugfest, expect Saturday to be a knock down drag out fight.

Both fighters have boasted about their training camps and I expect two well-conditioned boxers like Mayweather and Cotto to go the distance. The contest will go ten-plus rounds and I really like Cotto’s attitude and experience, but Money is just too quick and too good on defense. It won’t be as easy as the victory over Ortiz, but Money Mayweather extends the win streak to 43.


  1. Great fights last 'bout that Alvarez fight...dude has a very, very bright future.

  2. Mayweather is a punk