Monday, May 7, 2012

Bryce Harper is a G, Cole Hamels gets the W, and in the end, MLB, as always, is KTG

In case you haven't heard, Bryce Harper murdered the game last night.

After getting intentionally hit by a Cole Hamels fast ball as an introductory token of congratulations for making it to the big leagues, Bryce Harper took third without looking, and proceeded to steel his first Major League base ever during the next at-bat: home plate.

Are you kidding me? That's on some legendary.

I don't blame Cole for throwing at Bryce, it's whatever. It was old school, and Harper handled it like the better man. But wouldn't ignoring the 19-year-old's new-kid-on-the-block super star status by striking him out in three pitches serve your legacy better than gunning for your peer's mid-section? And on national television!

Nationals GM Mike Rizzo came out and said it was dirty play. Many critics have as well thrown Hamels under the bus. But what Hamels did last night was downright fantastic for baseball as a commodity.

Violence sells, you know?

With Pujols slacking in production harder than the HeatMakerz, the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry less appealing than Lindsay Lohan's face, the Orioles with the best record in baseball, the Nationals first in the NL East and the Phillies last in the same division, this incident couldn't have come at a better time. Finally, the Nationals are good enough to have a rivalry.

Hamels still got the win though.

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