Thursday, April 12, 2012

NHL Broz of the Day: Daniel Briere, Jakup Voracek

SBz Staff

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It was all smiles for the Penguins and their fans after they closed out the first period of the 2012 NHL Playoffs with a Sidney Crosby-ignited 3 goal lead - until the 13:38 mark in the second, when Daniel Briere caught a nasty stretch pass, fooled the referee into thinking he was onside, and stuck one home, beginning a 4 goal Flyer comeback that would end in OT with a Jakup Voracek winner.

Clearly, Briere was offsides in the first video. But referees are human, and this is the NHL Playoffs. If the Penguins want to win the Stanley Cup, they're going to have to show a little more heart than what was display last night...

Full kudos goes to the Flyers, who led the Eastern Conference in road wins this season, as well as 3 goal comebacks. 34-year-old Briere, who scored twice in this game, is just one point shy of points-per-playoff-game hockey (96 points in 97 games) for his career, an amazing accomplishment (don't be surprised to hear things like, "Daniel Briere is one of the all-time great playoff hockey players of this era," or something along those lines tonight on Sports Center), while the 22-year-old Voracek enjoyed his first ever playoff goal.
"I may hate the Flyers, but if Danny can keep scoring and Claude continues to help out, they might do the Rangers a solid and get rid of the Penguins. All I can say is that he was very lucky on that no call for his first goal - he was a foot offsides - but that's what sports are all about sometimes. Taking advantage of opportunity. And he is the type of player that if you give him that shot, he'll sink it 9 out of 10 times." -SBz contributor Marley Burr / @marleyburr.
Congrats to the Flyers for starting the NHL Playoffs out with a fired-up comeback! And congrats to Briere and Voracek for earning their first career Bz of the D!


  1. Marley, the one he didnt being the winter classic?

  2. Hahaha That would be the one