Wednesday, April 4, 2012

General Sentiment Report: The Unveiling of Nike's NFL Uniforms

By Adam Maher / @ArtoMar1

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Since starting this glorious sportz blog in November 2010, we have come in contact with several amazing sports companies and organizations. General Sentiment, a Canadian based social analytics company that compiles twitter and social media reports and then distributes the reports to their favorite sports media outlets, sent over their most recent report: a study of twitter reactions and ripples to yesterday's release of the new NFL Nike jersey partnership, conducted by GS's Steve Kwon.

Amazingly, in one day, the impact media value of the campaign launch netted almost $4.5 million, taking Nike to a whopping 473,864 related twitter mentions just yesterday. Without surprise, the Seattle Seahawks new uniforms generated the most buzz for Nike, generating over 27 thousand mentions, interestingly only 50.7% of those mentions were conceived as positive.

The next topic of the report focused on how different teams' fans reacted to the releases of each respective teams' jerseys on twitter. The Seahawks blew every other team out of the water. The Jets came in second, surprised? Followed by the Redskins, the Ravens, Texans, Panthers, Vikings, Eagles, Broncos, and the Giants to round out the top ten.

Is it safe to say the Seahawks and Jets twitter followers are the most materialistic of all NFL fans? According to this report, I'd say so!

Much thanks to Steve Kwon of General Sentiment for sending through the report!

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