Friday, April 27, 2012

D.C. Sports Are Killing the Game Under the Radar

Not too long ago, the sportz scene in our nation’s capital was rather bleak. Devoted fan bases cheered for subpar organizations year in and year out never jumping ship, just sinking slowly with it. Well, D.C. heads, that devotion has finally paid off as it's official: D.C. has gone from chillin’ to killin’ faster than anyone could have expected.

The Nationals: After finishing last season 21.5 games behind the division-leading Phillies, the Nationals welcomed back Stephen Strasburg, added fire-baller Gio Gonzalez and remained faithful of their recent offensive acquisitions heading into 2012.

In case you have not been following, it is working out pretty damn well thus far.

The Nats' pitching staff has brought a whole lot of “Nattitude” to the ball park this year, boasting the lowest ERA at 2.20, the most saves, 8, and the most shutouts, 3, in the National League. Stellar pitching from Strasburg and Gonzalez have the Nationals leading the NL with a record of 14-5 going into the weekend.

The Redskins: After dropping 10 of their last 12 games, the Washington Redskins finished at the bottom of the NFC East last season, despite beating the future Super Bowl Champion Giants twice - typical. After hearing it from the always-loyal fan base, Dan Snyder made moves this offseason in order to acquire the #2 overall pick in the Draft, thus landing Heisman winner, Robert Griffin III. RGIII is already a hit in D.C. with the fans and will be an ever bigger hit in Mike Shanahan’s offense. Things are finally looking up for Redskins Nations; there are many highlights from RGIII aka The Dream Catcher coming to flat screen near you.

The Capitals: After being swept out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs last season, the Capitals and their Russian star, Alex Ovechkin, had a slow start to the 2011-2012 season, resulting in the termination of head coach, the expletive-genius, Bruce Boudreau. Apparently the organization nailed the problem on the head because the Caps turned their season around and slid into the 2012 postseason as the #7 seed.

Heading into the playoffs, the Caps got no respect going up against last year’s champs, the Boston Bruins. Well, luckily for them, they could have cared less what happened last season, how tough Milan Lucic thought he was, or what All-Star, "free citizen" goalie was in net, as they went into Beantown and snatched a Game 7 victory from a team that was unbeaten in their last five elimination games. Now the Caps look to stay killin’ and slay another giant, the top-seeded New York Rangers. Oh, that should be fun!

The Wizards: It is not just the Nats, Skins and Caps who are KTG. Yep, the Wizards caught some of the positive vibes of success as well ending the season on a six game win streak. Those winning ways will continue on into this year’s draft as the Wiz Kids have the potential to land a game changer to go along with John Wall and Nene next season.

If the Wizards win the overall top pick in the lottery they would select Anthony Davis. This would not only set up a very formidable front court with Nene, but a Kentucky alumni party with Wall as well. Dare I say, “Bring on Calipari”. And if that fairytale does not work out, the Wizards also have a possibility of landing power forward Thomas Robinson. Robinson led Kansas to the Championship game this year and is quite the low-post presence with the ability to score. One last thing, Robinson’s hometown, yep, you guessed it, the District of Colombia.

Like I said, D.C. is KTG!


  1. Rangers Caps will be a good series. Heres to hoping DC sports takes a setback!

  2. The D.C. United are in second place in the Eastern Conference heading into tomorrow's game with Houston...Got to give them a shout out as well...