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Three Takes on Tebow's Move to the Jets

Tim Tebow sure loves being a Christian QB in the NFL. With his recent trade to the Jets, a few SBz writers took the time to chime in on Tebowmania's move to the Greatest City in the World.

Take One: Broncos Lose, Jets Win, Sanchez Must Earn It

By Jason Klau

Usually, along with my blood bro, DKlau, I talk hockey on here, and while I wouldn't exactly call myself an NFL expert, I couldn't resist, I had to chime in on this Tebow Talk.

First off, good job, John Elway. You have proved the ever-present theory that if you build through the draft, and it doesn't work out, you can just sign a guy after he breaks his neck and his team craps the bed without him.

A second-rounder, a third-rounder, and a fourth-rounder to Baltimore is what it originally cost John Elway to pick Tebow at 25th overall in 2010. The third-rounder actually turned out to be pretty good for Baltimore, in standout tight end Ed Dickson. Baltimore also grabbed a couple of roster players with those picks, both of whom are still on the Ravens. Three higher picks for one lower pick is what Tebowmania amounted to for the Denver Broncos. I'm not going to sit here and say they shouldn't have signed Manning - Peyton very well could be good again - but the Broncos should have gotten more for their, for lack of a better term, savior. Lord knows Jesus didn't sell that many t-shirts. It was as if the Broncos couldn't wait to get Tebow out of their perfectly combed, golden brown, Donald Trump-esque hair.

Then in swoop the Jets, with the low-risk, high-reward publicity stunt of the season. Now, even with a championship to defend, the headlines on the back page of New York newspapers will always have to do with gang green.

Here's what it looked like the day after the day Tebow got signed:

Why make this move, Jets? The Metro is right. What about your boy, Mark Sanchez? Before this disappointing season, wasn't he the one that had helped the Jets to two consecutive AFC championship game appearances?

While yes, Sanchez did have a good couple of years to start his career, he couldn't get the Jets into the playoffs this past year, which was in most football fans' eyes, a total disgrace of a season. And, as we all know, in the NFL, only what immediately just happened matters.

For a team that has to contend with an in-town rival with as much success as the Giants have had recently, Sanchez's so-far career is simply not acceptable. Now Mark must earn that starting job all over again, and there is actually a reason for him to be on his A game all season.

Not only is Mark's job security now in jeopardy. Kate Upton is officially, for lack of a more feministically-sensitive phrase, up for grabs.

Hey Kate, want to see my Jesus piece?

Like the Broncos did with Tebow, the Jets picked up Sanchez in the first round, and, like Tebow did in his first two years in Denver, he became a hit among the gang green faithful. Last year though, his performance seemed more like an ode to coach Rex Ryan's foot fetish, as it looked like that's where most of his passes were going. This was epitomized most poignantly in a late-season match up which inevitably kept the Jets out of the playoffs and propelled the Giants toward their Super Bowl run.

For about the same cost as trading for any other backup, the New York Jets have added a young, popular QB with an elite talent that can bring out the wildcat that the Jets have tried numerous times in the past.

While I was never the biggest Tebow fan, this trade is a definite win for the Jets.

Take Two: Thanks to Tebow, Jets in Worse Place Now than this Time Last Year

By John Woods

When Jonathan Papelbon said (probably jokingly) that he would play for the Yankees, my brother and I talked about the ramifications of having his least favorite player on his favorite team. Our conclusion was: as long as Paps didn’t go near the ninth it would be OK - but neither of us would ever like him.

With Tim Tebow now on the Jets, I'm faced with that very situation, except in this new hypothetical, Papelbon likely would be taking over for Rivera. And the fans would actually want that. Needless to say I don't.

Perhaps my thoughts on Tebow as a player can be described best by Daniel Tosh.

But Tebowing’s not why I despise Tim. I despise Tim for his portrayal in the media. Only Tebow can cause so many idiots to say stupid stuff. In New York the stupidity will be multiplied by a near-infinite amount.

Great. Now I have to hear about Timsanity for a few more years. Minimum.

I thought the Jets were better than going the way of the Mets, trying to get people talking rather than actually making a good trade or signing. Sanchez was right last week, a few days before the signing of Tebow, when he said that winning would cure the locker room woes.

The Jets didn’t need another QB this offseason. They needed a safety, which has been taken care of with the signing of LaRon Landry; a right tackle, to replace Wayne Hunter, likely in the draft; and a vertical wide receiver, like Braylon Edwards in 2010. (Which appears to be Braylon Edwards again.)

This Tebow move seems to have been designed for one purpose: to get the back page headlines for a day:


If the Jets use Tebow for about five plays a game, primarily in the red zone to punch the ball in, I’m OK with that. It’s better that he takes the hits there rather than Sanchez. I’ve been saying for years that the best way to score in the red zone is to spread the offense and direct snap the ball to the running back. If Tebow can do just that, and occasionally throw deep or dump it off to Dustin Keller, he’ll be worth both a fourth and sixth round pick.

But I have a terrible feeling that Tebow will end up the starter this season. All the idiot fans and media will be clamoring for Tebow the second Sanchez throws a pick. And making Tebow the starter ends the season immediately.

To quote from a previous article:
Tim Tebow was not the reason the Broncos won the division title. Actual reasons? Having the #1 rush in the NFL. Minnesota, San Diego, Chicago, and the Jets all blowing fourth-quarter leads. (Having watched the latter game – the Jets lost that game. Tebow didn’t win it.) The Broncos’ defense suddenly coming alive right when Tebow was named the starter. A large amount of luck. It was in spite of Tebow that the Broncos won.
As for the Jets being committed to Sanchez: the first rule of NFL contracts is that they’re never what they seem. It appears at first glance that the Jets made a huge guarantee for Sanchez. They didn’t. In fact, his deal actually saves the Jets money this year, and the cap hit if they do cut Sanchez won’t be crippling. If the team actually thinks Tebow’s better, they’ll get rid of the Sanchize quicker than it takes Rex Ryan to get a goddamn snack.

I will never like Tim Tebow, even in the .000000000000000000000000001% chance the Jets win the Super Bowl with Tebow as a starter. The Jets should have never made this trade. And I have much less respect for the current Jets regime than I did at this time last year.

Take Three: T-Shirts and Touchdowns with a Side of Sanchez

By Adam Maher

Let's be real about this Tebow bro for a second.

Did you see his OT game-winning touchdown pass to beat the Steelers in his first and only playoff game? It took Tim longer to throw the ball than it took Demaryius Thomas to run 75 yards after the catch. Seriously, that throw was on some Matthew McConaughey Angels in the Outfield swag. Still got the win, though.

What made the Jets go for Tebow is that fact that his ability to inspire makes him just as valuable on the sale rack as in the midfield. Second in Jersey sales last season and he only played half the year.

On top of the automated cash register sound, Tebow gives Mark Sanchez competition of the same color for this first time in his career. Sanchez has been handed everything in his NFL career. Even his so-called girl friend. Let the two go to battle this season. If only Hard Knocks hadn't chosen the Jets last year (barf).

Also, what about the potential for a partnership? People once thought it was crazy that NFL teams were adopting systems which involved two running backs. The formula usually went: one guy supplies the speed, the other guy supplies the muscle - both get an even amount of snaps. Why can't the Jets do the same thing with QBs? If there's one frail yet accurate QB in the NFL that could use a breather, to think things over from time to time, it's Mark Sanchez. And if there is one immensely strong QB in the NFL that could use time during games to take a breather, to think things over, it's Tim Tebow. Why not let the two operate in unison? Just like heads, two QBs could be better than one, in this case, right, Kate?

Like Jason said, the Jets didn't lose much in acquiring Tebow. And like John said, Tebow should be able to be used effectively near the endzone and for short/interesting yardage situations.

After two days of hearing "experts" talk about Tebow like he's a figure skater, I've had enough. Tim Tebow is in New York, and he's going to kill it.

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