Sunday, March 11, 2012

Selection Sunday Live Updates via CBS Sports

By John Woods, Adam Maher

Follow our live coverage of every game during the tournament here.

The NCAA Basketball Selection Show starts at 6 p.m. tonight. Keep it locked here for updates as they come through from CBS Sports.

6:00 p.m.: The show has begun. Let's get it.

6:01 p.m.: Overall #1 seed goes to Kentucky Wildcats. They were always going to get it even with the loss to Vanderbilt. They'll head to the South Region.

6:03 p.m.: Syracuse gets the second #1 seed (East). Third #1 seed goes to UNC (Midwest). Michigan St. grabs last #1 seed over Kansas and Mizzou (West). Only one #1 seed (MSU) won their conference tournament.

6:09 p.m.: South Region Match ups:
  • Kentucky plays winner of Mississippi Valley State and Western Kentucky
  • Iowa State (8) plays UCONN (9) 
  • Wichita St. (5) plays VCU (12)
  • Indiana (4) plays New Mexico St. (13)
  • Duke (2) plays Lehigh (15)
  • Notre Dame (7) plays Xavier (10)
  • Baylor (3) plays S. Dakota State (14)
  • UNLV (6) plays Colorado (11)

6:18 p.m.: West Region Match ups:
  • Michigan St. (1) plays meet LIU (16)
  • Memphis (8) plays Saint Louis (9)
  • New Mexico (5) plays Long Beach St. (12)
  • Louisville (4) plays Davidson (13)
  • Missouri (2) plays Norfolk State (15)
  • Florida (7) plays Virginia (10)
  • Marquette (3) plays winner of BYU and Iona (14)
  • Murray State (6) plays Colorado State (11)

6:26 p.m.: East Region match ups:
  • Syracuse (1) plays UNC Asheville (16)
  • Kansas State (8) plays Southern Miss (9)
  • Vanderbilt (5) plays Harvard (12)
  • Wisconsin (4) plays Montana (13)
  • Ohio State (2) plays Loyola (15)
  • Gonzaga (7) plays West Virginia (10)
  • Florida State (3) plays St. Bonaventure (14)
  • Cincinnati (6) plays Texas (11)

6:35 p.m. Midwest Region match ups:
  • UNC (1) plays winner of Lamar and Vermont
  • Creighton (8) plays Alabama (9)
  • Temple (5) plays winner of California and South Florida
  • Michigan (4) plays Ohio (13)
  • Kansas (2) plays Detroit (15)
  • Saint Mary's (7) plays Purdue (10)
  • Georgetown (3) plays Belmont (14)
  • San Diego State (6) plays N.C. State (11)

John's thoughts:
  • Bubble teams out: Drexel, Seton Hall, Mississippi State, Miami, Oral Roberts, Northwestern. Drexel should have been in over South Florida, but otherwise the committee did a good job. Dick Vitale agrees there.
  • I'd be very interested to see whom St. Bonaventure knocked out. Speaking of bid thieves, only Colorado and St. Bonaventure (and possibly VCU) could be considered as them. 
  • RPI still matters. Xavier as a 10? They had a 37 RPI. Iona (42 RPI) beat out Seton Hall (61), Drexel (64), Northwestern (59).
  • Very surprised to see BYU as low as a 14 and Iona in at all. I was rooting for Iona to make it though, even though I hate them as a St. Peter's fan. According to the committee, Iona was not the last team in.  
  • Adam should be happy that Vermont can win a tournament game for only the second time ever. (The last being Taylor Coppenrath leading an upset of Syracuse in 2005.) Granted, it's a play-in game, but it's something. Unlike, say, my St. Peter's Peacocks, who have three appearances and a bagel to show for them. 
  • Correctly called both West Virginia and Texas, to Adam's surprise.
  • We knew the bubble was going to be weak, but not this weak. At large teams as 14 seeds? As ESPN's saying right now, the gap between the top and bottom has gotten much worse.
  • Xavier (10) getting in means 4 bids for the A-10, and Colorado St. (11) does the same for the Mountain West. 
  • Other multi-bid midmajors: MAAC (Iona, Loyola, Missouri Valley (Wichita State, Creighton), Conference USA (Memphis, Southern Miss). 
  • Washington becomes the first regular season champion of a "power conference" to miss the tournament. The Pac-12 only had two, and had Colorado not won the tournament they could have potentially been a one bid conference. They're to college basketball what the Big East is to college football.
  • And no, Washington doesn't pass the "eye test." Not this year in that conference. Losing to Oregon State in the first round doesn't exactly help their case.
  • 11 midmajor at large bids in total, one off the record of 12. Butler and VCU making the Final Four last year likely had a lot to do with it. 
  • Both North Carolina and Michigan State traveling as 1 seeds. Kentucky beat out UNC for the South 1, which bumped Michigan State out of its natural Midwest.
  • Missouri was the last 2, even after winning the Big 12. The committee was "very impressed" with them. Right.

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