Monday, March 19, 2012

Peyton Manning Signs with Denver, Tebow Cries His Face Off, Chris Mortensen Enjoying "Best Sleep Week of my Life"

SBz Staff

Chris Mortensen reports that Peyton Manning, aside from mounting him in his dreams last night, will be joining the Denver Broncos.
"Leave. Now."

Mortensen was quoted this morning, saying, "This is the greatest week of my life, I can't wait to fall asleep again."

Here's the story from ESPN.

And the local coverage.

Meanwhile, Tim Tebow is crying somewhere, reportedly.

In all seriousness:

The Broncos have confirmed that they will try and trade Tim Tebow as soon as the Peyton deal is inked. The Broncos don't expect to get a player of high value for Tebow, says Mortensen. If they can't trade him, they'll probably release Tebow.

Tom Jackson of ESPN says, paraphrased, "The selling point was John Elway's resume. Peyton Manning wants to end his career with a Super Bowl win, like Elway did. I certainly expect the Broncos immediately have turned themselves into an NFL elite team."

Mortensen says, paraphrased via ESPN, "Denver was the safest choice, most comfortable fit for Peyton. Possible contract 5 years, $95M. The Broncos are protected financially against any neck injuries, not other types of injuries."

Other notable free agents that could go to Denver with Peyton: Plaxico Burress, Mike Wallace.

The Broncos are rumored to be pursuing Jeff Saturday.

Brandon Krisztal of 104.3 (local Denver radio personality) says, paraphrased via ESPN, "Super Bowl is a realistic expectation. Denver still needs to get stronger up the middle defensively. Cornerbacks need improvement. Safeties as well. Maybe diversify what's going on at running back. The sideshow of Tim Tebow as a brand and it's fans will follow him wherever he goes. It's a distraction the Broncos don't need to deal with anymore."

Peyton Manning is third all-time in pass completions, pass TDs, and pass yards.

Lindsay Jones, Broncos Beat Writer, Denver Post, says, paraphrased via ESPN, "Tebow was great, one of the most popular players last year, but Peyton is one of the best QBs of all time. John Fox and the fact that he's a true players' coach was a huge part of the decision. It going to be a very good fit for Peyton. Look out for Eric Decker in Fantasy Football this season."

Some Broncos fans are straight up pissed and sad to see Tebow go (via facebook group "Ex-Pats of Broncos Nation"):

"Worst part of it all is that we're taking a gamble on a broken neck. It's like buying a Ferrari that needs a new engine."

"If you like Tebow and think he got a screw job in Denver, post this video:"

Damn Steve Porter is murdering these days.

"We didn't leave Broncos Nation, it left us."

Peyton Manning is not a part of that facebook group.

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