Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New York Knicks Head Coach Mike D'Antoni Resigns

By Spencer Pyke

New York Knicks head coach Mike D'Antoni has officially submitted his resignation, according to The New York Times. They "mutually split ways," due to opposing views of the franchise's future. Assistant Coach Mike Woodson will take over at the interim.

D'Antoni was in his fourth year at the helm of the Knicks. His resignation comes after a 6-game losing streak.

Jeremy Lin was almost enough to revive the coach's woeful Knicks past, but the day Carmelo Anthony got Linvolved, things took a tragic turn for the gutter. It was reported earlier today that Carmelo had been trashing the offensively-minded basketball boss, to paraphrase, "if he's here next year, I won't be." I guess Mike  D'Antoni just didn't want to deal with the Melodrama anymore.

While Woodson takes over in the interim, it's been rumored that Phil Jackson or Isiah Thomas are possible permanent replacements for D'Antoni. The two legendary names are both currently trending on twitter in relation to the topic. Thanks to Adam Schefter, who originally broke the news on twitter after a quick exchange of words at ESPN headquarters with Stephen A. Smith, "Mike D" is trending as well.

Ralph Vacchiano (@TheBlueScreen) of the NYDaily News tweets, "With Mike D'Antoni quitting (Knicks), there have been 32 coaching changes among NY's 9 pro teams since Tom Coughlin was hired by the Giants."

Russ Bengston (@russbengston) of Complex Magazine says, "I don't feel bad for Mike D'Antoni at all -- he made stupid money with no expectations, and quit when there finally were some."

Famous New York Knicks beat writer Howard Bech seems to think Carmelo Anthony's return has harmed the Knicks...ya think?

Check out D'Antoni's profile to learn more about the veteran coach, who's fluent in Italian, and has published two books.

And here's a great article about Mike Woodson, Stepping Into the Inferno.

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