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March Madness Live Blog: Round of 64, Day 1

The first games of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Round of 64 start today, Thursday, March 15, at 12:15 p.m. Keep refreshing this blog post all day for live, up-to-the-second updates from every game, scores, analysis, and all around debauchery from SBz contributors John Woods and Adam Maher.

This is the second round of March Madness live blogging. We covered Selection Sunday earlier this week. There you can find all of out match-up and seeding analysis.

So far today we've seen Wisconsin beat Montana, Kansas State beat Southern Miss, Louisville top Davidson, and Murray State crush Colorado State.

Updates scrolling from top to bottom.

12:13: The 12:15 p.m. game is Colorado State (11) vs. Murray State (6). It is being aired on CBS, broadcasted live from the West Region. Tip off in two minutes.

Co. St is up 4-0 with 18:10 to go in the first half.

Murray State's first points come in the form of a three pointer from #11 Donte Poole, who originally was to attend Co.St., but fell one credit short. 17 minutes left in the first half.

Co. St.'s Will Bell makes a nice block. FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS. CBS takes first commercial break, Colorado State up 7-3.

12:24: Back from first commercial break, Murray State turns it over. Co. St.'s to offensive rebound Pierce Hornung sidelined with injury.

Co. St. up 10-8 with 13:55 left in the first half, Donte Poole has all 8 Murray State points, plus a block.

12: 31: Colorado State up 13-8 at second commercial break. Pierce Hornung has 7 rebounds.

John: Be prepared to see this Bobby Knight commercial a million times by the end of the tourney.

12:34: First interview of the game. Paul Hornung, like both John and Adam, wants Murray State to win. A quick google search proves fruitless as to the question of whether Pierce and Paul are related.

12:37.: Apparently hearing the creepy old guy on tv has inspired the Racers, who now lead 16-13 with Colorado State taking a TO.

Adam: I'm feeling both teams' shoe selections. Forest green fading to a lighter color green for Co. St., against all yellow Murray St. kicks all day.

12:41: Southern Miss (9) just tipped off against Kansas State (8) over on TruTV. 4-1 Kansas State to start.

John: Larry Eustachy's coaching against Kansas State. Bet he has no interest in revisiting his frat hijinks from just under a decade ago.

12:47:  Murray State is up 20-17 over Colorado State with five minutes left in the first half. 6'7" Freshman G Edward Daniel at the line for Murray State shootin' two.

12:48: Kansas State up 8-3 at the first TV timeout.

12:51: Murray State 20-19 with fewer than 4 minutes to play in the half. It remains 8-3 with 5 minutes gone in the other game.

12:55: Finally, after 8 minutes of play, Kansas State scores again. 10-3.

John: I have Southern Miss losing in the next round. Looks to be a good call. Murray State, on the other hand, needs to pick it up if they're going to make a run. I have them going very far.

12:59: Dorian Green takes a charge for the Racers. Exciting ending to the first half, 24-23 Colorado State.

Adam: Let the nail-biting begin. Of course my first bracket pick (Murray State) is down 1 point at half time.

John: Apparently the stream I'm watching Southern Miss/Kansas State on comes from Arkansas. It's always interesting to see the local commercials. I never want to eat at "U.S. Pizza." And to Adam: it's the first half. Remember BYU and Western Kentucky?

1:04: Local boy Jordan Henriquez misses a dunk but gets fouled. 17-12 K-State.

1:11: Southern Miss' All-Conference USA Selection Neal Watson (#5) - he was second leading assist man in the conference - with a very impressive step back for three to end an 11-2 K State run with 6:15 left in the first half. Next trip down the floor he hits another one : K State up, 21 - 20.

John: Watson's listed at 5'11". First rule of hacky sportscasting: always make reference to short guys' height. (See: David Eckstein, Martin St. Louis.)

1:17:  Southern Miss' #23 Angelo John nails a three to tie the game at 23 with 4 minutes in the first. Followed by a very good block by Henriquez, but after the foul. Watson sinks two from the line to give Southern Miss its first lead, but Henriquez ties it back up shortly thereafter.

1:19: Injury timeout for Southern Miss #15 Torey Pelham. Unlike Fox, no sad music plays as TruTV goes to commercial.

1:22: Co. St. Murray St. back under way as Colorado turns the ball over at half court. Isaih Canaan with the steal and the emphatic dunk! It'll be in the One Shining Moment montage.

1:26: Angel Rodriguez with the and-1 for K State, followed by another Henriquez block. 29 - 27 Wildcats. Check out this story from mid-season about why Angel chose K State for Frank Martin because they both share Latino cultural backgrounds.

30 - 27 Kansas State at the half.

1:29: Donte Poole takes an elbow to the nose for another injury timeout. 30 - 24 Murray State.

1:32: Canaan airballs what would have been a dagger to Colorado State's chances. Still going to be very hard for them if the Racers get hot.

1:38: Davidson (13) v Louisville (4) tips off in three minutes. Adam's got Lville in the Final Four. This should be interesting. 34 - 26 Murray State with 14:22 left in the second.

John: I went with a very upset heavy bracket this year. Davidson's my first upset pick this year. And if Louisville seems too good, I have two words for you: Kenneth Faried. 

1:44: Louisville strikes first. 6 - 3 at the Cardinals' first timeout.

Adam: They better had struck first - I have them going to the Final Four.

John: Steph Curry's confident in his alma mater. He should also be confident that Golden State will suck enough to keep their first round pick this year.

1:50: Murray State's pulling away 41 - 26, while Southern Miss and Kansas State are about to start. Colorado State's 1 of 9 from the floor this half.

1:53: Peyton Siva, after a great drive to the basket, walks. Timeout on the floor, and Davidson and Louisville are tied at 10.

John: The aforementioned Bobby Knight commercial plays again, for time #3 today. Presumably it'll play in every game at the first commercial break.

1:58: Nik Cochran hits a long three to give Davidson the lead,  and Siva responds with an alley-oop to Kyle Kuric.

2:01: Southern Miss opens up its largest lead of the game, 39-35, with 14:39 in the game.

2:05: Gorqui Dieng gets foul #3 not even halfway through the first half, followed with another Siva travel. Upset brewing? Murray State leads by 13 with under 4 minutes to go.

Adam: Lville called for yet another carry. Is it just me, or does every point guard at every level of basketball carry on every dribble they ever take? Refs should call it more often or not at all.

2:10:  45 - 42 Southern Miss over KState with 12:18 left in the second half.

2:13: Game #4 of the day has begun. Montana (13) strikes first against Wisconsin (4). They're up 2-0. Murray State still up by 12 with 2 minutes left, while Southern Miss remains up by 3 with 12 to play.

2:20: Murray State becomes the first team to advance to round 3, with a comfortable score of 58 to 41. Davidson hanging in there down by 2 with 2:49 left in the half, Wisconsin up 14 - 9 at 13:29, Kansas State up by 1 with 9 minutes left.

John: I have Murray State going to the Final Four. I know, it's dumb, but then again so was picking Butler or VCU to make it last year. Just trying to have fun with it.

Adam: This K State / Southern Miss game ain't half bad. #Tru. K State's #1 player Rodney McGruder just hit a shot to take him up to 30 points for the day. PS - Our pizza will be here in 20 minutes (extra cheese, half pepperoni/green peppers).

John: Insert every possible MacGruber joke now.

2:32: Louisville up by 8 at the half, and Wisconsin leads by 6 with under 8 minutes in the half.

2:41: Darnell Dodson dunks for Southern Miss for the last 2 of his 6 points in a row. 62 - 59 Kansas State with 2 1/2 minutes to go.

Adam: Check out CBS's official post game article about Murray State advancing, oh, and here's a sweet picture of Zay Jackson (#10) and Jewuan Long (#33) celebrating:

2:41: Darnell Dodson dunks for Southern Miss for the last 2 of his 6 points in a row, but Rodriguez puts Kansas State back up by 5 with a minute and a half left.

Adam: Like I said, this KState game ain't half bad! TruTV is loving it.

John: Well, it's either that or show yet another ep of "World's Dumbest Criminals."

2:50: 31.4 left and Kansas State's up by 4 going to the line. Dodson's fouled out. This is most likely over.

2:52: KState beats Southern Miss 70 - 64. Finally, it's time for a food break.

Great photo of Rodney McGruder celebrating after he led Kansas State to the Round of 32 this afternoon via ESPN. McGruden dropped 30 points off the bench. Killin' the game.

It was Southern Miss' first NCAA Tournament appearance since 1991. They've still to win a tourney game. That's going back to Favre's Falcon days.

3:02: Marquette leads BYU 14-4 five minutes into the first half.

Adam: I wonder if Brandon Davies had sex last night.

John: This would actually be a game, had Iona won.

3:08:  TBS sideline reporter blushing about Siva and Kuric's past homecoming king recognitions at Lville (who are up by 11 with 14 minutes left in the second half), in 2010, 2011, respectively.

Louisville's up by 10. Davidson's missed 12 3s in a row.

Adam: As mentioned earlier, I picked Lville to go to the Final Four. I'm almost happy to see them playing poorly right now. Energy saver.

John: Always weird to see balding guys playing college basketball. Only in Utah.

3:18: Both games are turning into blowouts. This means one thing: pizza time.

Also checking in on the NBA trade deadline. Gerald Wallace to the Nets for the big Turk and Extra E is the only local trade of note.

3:22: It appears that Montana-Wisconsin is going the way of the other two games. Wisconsin and Louisville are both up by double digits.

John: Davidson just broke the seal. Direct quote from TBS. Do they have any idea what that means?

3:29: UNC Asheville attempts to do what only Harvard (1998) has done, and that is beat a 1 (Syracuse) in the first round as a 16. Note, however, that Harvard in this case was a women's team. 

Adam: UNC Asheville can only hope that they're more effective than their former 7'8" center, Kenny George, was against Psycho-T in January, 2008:

John: Positively Bradley-esque. 

On the subject of 16 upsetting a 1, it's come close 4 times. In 1989, Princeton and East Tennessee State nearly beat Georgetown and Oklahoma, respectively, but lost by a point. Murray State took Michigan State to overtime in 1990. Western Carolina lost by 2 to Purdue in 1996, but had the last shot and missed it.

3:44: 'Cuse and UNC Asheville tied up at 13 apiece with 11:18 left in the first half. Kris Joseph's older brother, Maurice, who is an assistant coach at GW, is somewhere in the Montreal area biting his nails. 

Adam: By the way, the last time Vermont was in the tournament, they lost to 'Cuse. Kris and his brother Mojo went head to head that day. Kris' older brother was the number 1 player coming out of Canada in 2005, went to MSU, but transferred to Vermont due to injuries his sophomore year.

John: Ken Pomeroy believes this is the year when a 16 beats a 1. We'll see. 

3:50: Lousiville up by 10 with a minute left, and Wisconsin leads by 14 with 8 1/2 minutes to go. Meanwhile, Jaron Lane converts a 4-point play to give UNC Asheville a lead of the same.

Adam: Kid is named Melo, kid goes to Syracuse, kid becomes a cancer for his team.
John: This game's happening in Pittsburgh. Home of the biggest chokers in college basketball today. Coincidence?

4:01: Louisville 69, Davidson 62. Had the Wildcats shot better...

Nevertheless, Peyton Siva led the way with 17 points and six dimes. Here's a picture of him murdering the game via ESPN:

Adam: Dear Peter Frampton, I do feel like you do, but please, write a new riff.

John: Show me the way to a better commercial with him. 

4:12: UNC Asheville up by 5 with 3 minutes to go. Meanwhile, Wisconsin's cruising to a 20 point plus win over Montana.  

John: TruTV might get its best ratings since OJ.

4:18: Wisconsin crushes Montana 73 - 49. Ryan Evans led all Badgers with 18 points and 8 boards. Meanwhile, Syracuse, still scrambling, is down 34 - 30 to 16-seeded UNC Asheville at halftime. Get out your history books. We got a story brewin' in Steel City.

Adam: That's how they spell steel, right?

John: Are you serious?

Adam: Ryan Evans has got the hightop fade to match his top-of-the-box-score performance going on via ESPN:

4:28: Marquette 60, BYU 49. Hopefully Charles Abouo wears a cup after that basketball to the dick.

4:32: Long Beach State (12) and New Mexico (5) just tipped off.  No score yet.

John: Apparently Long Beach's unis say "The Beach" on the front. Either it's the coolest thing ever or the dumbest.

Adam: At least they all have matching shoes (except for Phelps, who didn't get the memo. Maybe he thinks he's above it because he's top ten in blocks in Long Beach history?)

4:39: Marquette up by 15 with 10 minutes left. BYU's one Brandon Davies suspension away from a whitewash. 

4:43: Drew Gordon puts New Mexico up 11 - 10. Second round sleeper for the draft, along with Casper Ware of Long Beach State.

4:45: The upset bid resumes, with UNC Asheville up by 6 on Syracuse with 17 minutes to go. 

4:48: This crowd really wants Syracuse to lose. And why wouldn't they?  

4:50: Syracuse takes the lead as Harvard and Vanderbilt prepare for tipoff. Jeremy Lin says a prayer.

John: I have a few bracket rules. One of them: pick against Vanderbilt as a 5 or above.

Adam: To tack onto the last update: Scoop Jardine gives 'Cuse their first lead of the second half while exhibiting the best name in college hoops (besides Four McGlynn of VT).

John: Hippolyte Tsafack and Bak Bak would take issue with that.

5:00: Harvard and Vandy tied at 4 early on. BYU trails 'Quette by ten with under four to go. LB St. is up three over New Mexico late in the first.

Adam: This just in: Kris Joseph is wearing patent leather Jordans.

5:08: Technical difficulties on TruTV have just been resolved. 54-52 Syracuse with 7:21 left.

5:12: The Mormons lose by 20 to Marquette. New Mexico up by 4 on Long Beach State with a minute left, and Vanderbilt up by 2 on Harvard with the half half over. 

5:19: Sadly, it appears that the upset won't happen. Cuse by 5 with under 3 to go. 

5:30: 1:30 to go, Cuse by 4. The press has worked so far though.

5:32: Cuse gets another break with a terrible lane violation call on UNC Asheville.

John: The referees should swallow their whistles in the last two minutes. I never get why they feel the need to decide the game.

5:35: And once again the refs deciding the game. No way was that out on UNC.

5:40: The crowd despises the Orange, who are going to pull it out.

5:41: As for the other games, Vanderbilt's up by 10 at the half, and New Mexico leads by 4 with the second half underway.

5:44: From ESPN's Eamonn Brennan:

That's exactly what happened: The ref didn't want to call the foul, so he just called it Syracuse's way. Terrible. 
5:44: Syracuse 72, UNC Asheville 65.

5:51: Apparently the lane violation was actually called on Chris Stephenson, and correctly called as well. The confusion stems from the referee pointing to the wrong Bulldog. That still doesn't excuse the out of bounds call.

Adam: Syracuse game ball's gotta go to 6'8" junior forward James Southerland off the bench.  15 points, 8 rebounds off the bench.

John: Give it to the baseline official.

6:03: Back to the games. Long Beach down by two to New Mexico. Meanwhile, neither Jeremy Lin nor Obama can save the Crimson from their Southern equivalents, who are 14 up.

6:13: New Mexico and Long Beach continue to be locked up. James Ennis's tomahawk gives the Beach bums a 2 point lead.

John: The one year I pick against Vanderbilt, they actually win.

Also, Greg Oden was just waived. Worst pick ever?

6:26: Nail biter in Portland! Long Beach giving all they got, down 4 with under a minute left in the game...

Casper Ware misses a must-make three. New Mexico makes 1 of 2 from the line.  Long Beach grabs the board, takes it down, Ware draws the foul. Hits two foul shots, LB down 73 -68 with 27 seconds left.

6:32: This game is all but over. NM at the line up 5 with 12 seconds to go.

6:35: Harvard's down 9 with six minutes left in the game. This one ain't close to bein' ova.

John: Actually, it is.

Adam: Shut up, John, we both picked Harvard to move on.

John: True, but I'm far more realistic. Since the last update the deficit's grown to 15.

6:40: Time for a drink break, considering the next game for an hour is Kentucky playing Western Kentucky. The Hilltoppers had the great comeback yesterday. Won't happen today.

6:42: And just as I update Laurent Rivard hits two deep threes.

John: In any case, the drink break's going to be for a full day. Going to call it after the Vandy game ends.

Adam: I agree, see you broz on the flip side.

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