Saturday, March 31, 2012

Melodrama in NYC: Jeremy Lin to Miss Rest of Season, Godspeed to Mike Woodson, Amar'e Stoudemire

By Adam Maher

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Maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

Quoted from New York Times Knicks writer Howard Beck:
Jeremy Lin’s magical season has come to an abrupt and untimely end because of a knee injury that will require surgery. 
Lin, the Knicks’ point guard, has a small, chronic meniscal tear in his left knee, the Knicks announced Saturday night. He will undergo arthroscopic surgery and is expected to miss six weeks, wiping out the rest of the regular season and possibly the first round of the playoffs — assuming the Knicks make it.
“It’s a big blow,” Coach Mike Woodson said.
End quote.

Seriously, is anyone surprised? Lin's knees put in more work this season than Carmelo Anthony's have in his entire life.

Making the transition from wading through the D-League to completely supporting an NBA team in the largest market in America should be slowly built up over multiple seasons - not one week. We all saw how tired Lin would get by the end of games, but still, he would play night in and night out!

Jeremy valiantly fought his way through the media blitz of Linsanity, but perhaps the coaches should have thrown him a life float at some point. I guess they were too busy biting their finger nails in anticipation of Melodrama's return to the madness.

It's been one tumultuous year, one month and 10 days since the Knicks traded for Carmelo, and absolutely no one has suffered more than Amar'e Stoudemire. Besides the fact that he's as well injured at the moment, I'm of the school of thought that the Knicks did him a huge disservice by dissembling the D'Antoni, Stoudamire, Felton trio of offense. Felton was developing in Coach D's system brilliantly, Amar'e was enjoying a stretch of healthy basketball, top five in scoring at the time, one of his best years statistically ever, and the Knicks were a few pieces away from becoming true contenders. Had they stayed the course they could have made some good pickups that offseason and the slow build that was developing would look great right about now.

Instead, Carmelo Anthony now wastes possessions nearly every trip down the floor at the "world's most famous arena" and Amar'e is having his worst year in scoring and rebounding (17.6 and 8.0) since he was a rookie, when he averaged 13.5 and 8.8 (if you don't count 2005-06, when he only played three games due to injury, averaging 8.7 PPG and 5.3 boards).

It's sad to hear of Jeremy's Linjury. I hope him the best. God will get him through it, though, he'll say. I just hope God helps Mike Woodson and Amar'e Stoudemire get through it as well.

How in the world did we not mention the fact that Jeremy Lin obviously had weak knees during the hoopla that was Linsanity? 

This picture was taken about three weeks ago, March 6, 2012. Notice that his right knee is wrapped in this picture, while Jeremy's left knee will be the one to go under the knife this week. Not good, bro, not good.

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