Monday, March 26, 2012

Bro of the Day: Tiger Woods

By Jake Heston

Forget for a second about the Final Four, Durrant bringing the Thunder down on the Heat, Tebow going to the Jets, and the NHL playoffs being just two weeks away...

Tiger Woods won at the Arnold Palmer Bay Hill Invitational!

Sunday evening marked the first PGA Tour victory for Tiger in two and a half years/108 tournaments. Remarkably, this is Tiger's 72nd PGA victory. Ironically, exactly 72 other golfers have won PGA tournaments since his last victory in 2009.

Lookin' fresh in that Palmer Blazer, El Tigre.

This couldn't have come at a better time for Tiger. With the 2012 Masters beginning April 5, he's heading into the spring major with confidence we haven't seen in him for over 30 months.

Doesn't seem so long now does it?

After going into Sunday with a one-shot lead, and no Mickelson or McIlroy chasing him, it seemed impossible for Tiger to blow his lead with the types of shots he was making.

On the 3rd hole, Par 4, Tiger stuck a beautiful shot three feet from the pin for birdie. But on the 6th hole, Graeme McDowell made the shot of the weekend by burying a 50-foot putt to close in on Tiger's lead. Thoughts of the Chevron Classic surely hummed in the back of everyone's minds...

Except Tiger, who was all smiles walking up to the 18th hole as he putted in for par and his first PGA tour victory since last decade. 

"I think he really just kind of nailed home his comeback. Great to have a front-row seat watching maybe the greatest of all time doing what he does best, winning golf tournaments." said Graeme McDowell who finished in 2nd place. Via ESPN

Not only did Tiger end a two-year drought on the winning card, he made the sport of golf interesting (for everyone) once again. Hopefully Tiger can keep it up and bring home that green and gold jacket in two weeks like the true B of the D he is! Lets Go TIGER!

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