Monday, March 12, 2012

49ers Sign Randy Moss to 1-year Deal

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On August 2, 2011, Randy Moss, already a living legend, hung up his cleats, and told the world he was retiring from the NFL. However, according to ESPN's Bottom Line, Randy signed this evening a 1-year deal with the 49ers. As of now, ESPN has not released the money aspect of the deal, just the time element.

Why would Randy come back after retiring seven months ago?

Isn't he already a future Hall of Famer?

Maybe he's broke.

Super Bowl ring hungry?

WHO CARES, the Great Randy Moss is BACK.
Moss' 153 touchdown receptions are tied with Terrell Owens for second on the career list. He's fifth all-time in yards and ninth in receptions. His 29 touchdowns of at least 50 yards are behind only Jerry Rice (36).
He led the NFL in touchdown receptions five times, was selected to the Pro Bowl six times and was named first team All-Pro four times. His 23 TDs in 2007 led the entire NFL and his 138 points scored that season were second only to kicker Mason Crosby. via ESPN
Watch how quick Revis goes to the hamstring after the catch...burned 'em!

Only question is, who'll be slinging the pigskin to him, Vernon and Crabtree in San Fran? Alex Smith and the 49ers are apparently working out a deal as we speak, according to ESPN. But what about that dude, Peyton?

A few involved facts:
  • Moss has 954 career catches, 14,858 career total yards and 153 career touchdowns.
  • The last time he was active, in 2010, Randy Moss played for three teams, and only had 28 catches (Patriots, Vikings, Titans). It was not pretty.
  • The 49ers currently are working with two free agent, starter-potential wideouts, Ted Ginn Jr. (9th overall, 2007 out of Ohio State University) and Josh Morgan (6th round, 2008 out of Virginia Tech). Both were drafted by the Niners, and if I had to guess, I'd say out of the two, San Fran will stick with Ted Ginn for his returning cabilities. With Moss going deep, Crabtree in the middle, Ginn down low and Vernon everywhere,  San Francisco is looking very scary in the air, as long as they can land a solid QB.
  • Alex Smith and the 49ers have been trying to work out a deal for several months now, the two parties have been going back and fourth - aka, Alex Smith wants more money than the 49ers were willing to give out at first. One thing is for sure, Alex Smith will not be making more money than Peyton Manning in the 2012-2013 season.

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