Thursday, February 9, 2012

Site Launches that's Dedicated to "Bradying"

Usually we don't tap into this type of trend, but this one is just too good.

Former Bro of the Day Tom Brady is an amazing player. One of the best NFL QBs of all time.

Here at SBz, we're HUGE Tom Brady fanz.

 But when he made this candid pose after losing Super Bowl XLVI, he struck meme gold:

People have been sending in their Bradying pics to

The site has managed to meme its way to Time Newsfeed:

Words via's Samantha Grossman:

We can all admit the whole Tebowing phenomenon was getting pretty stale. But just in time, the Internet has discovered a new sports meme and a new NFL quarterback to mimic. Now, the trend is to imitate New England Patriots QB Tom Brady, who was photographed during the second half of Super Bowl XLVI sitting down, sulking, with his hands clasped and head bowed. 

A website dedicated to people “Bradying” has already launched. The craze will likely peeve Patriots fans everywhere, as it depicts their beloved Brady as dejected and sullen. Sure, when the image was captured his team was on its way to losing the Super Bowl, but he’s still a future hall of famer and a three-time Super Bowl champion. He’s also married to a supermodel. So he’s probably not sweating his Internet parodies.

Here's a few gems the site has collected so far:

See 'em all at

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