Wednesday, February 8, 2012

HumpDayDoppelgangerz: Sidney Crosby v. Andy Samberg

Sid the Kid vs. SNL's ulti-BRO is a power play of all HDDs.

Whether he's chasing down Wayne Gretzky and Bobby Orr to become the greatest hockey player of all time, or chasing Adam Sandler and Jimmy Fallon for the uncoveted title of SNL's all-time most audacious bro, this doppel of gang is always worth a good YouTube search:



Shout out to Sidney's jock strap manager - what a bro!

More people than the population of Europe, more people than the cast of Glee, it's even more people than claim they came up with facebook...burn!

Unfortunately, it is possible that Sidney Crosby will never play another NHL game. Similar to Peyton Manning, Sid's caught the Eric Lindros concusion bug - basically it's like Muhammed Ali choosing to fight again - he might turn himself into, for lack of a better term, a full blown retard if he takes one more blow to the head.

Crosby was diagnosed with a soft-tissue neck injury, the Pens said in a statement Jan. 31. Crosby suffered a concussion in January of 2011. He missed 61 games before returning to the lineup Nov. 21 against NY Islanders. He played eight games before suffering his recent bout of symptoms. Crosby has missed the team’s last 25 games. Crosby will continue working his way back into the lineup, but he must be symptom free before he can return to game action. “I’m not symptom free,” he said. “As soon as I am I’ll be out there. That’s where I want to be.”

Perhaps him and Andy Samberg can team up for some of his post-career activities?

We'll keep you in the know, bro.

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