Friday, February 24, 2012

College Hoops BRO of the Day: Matt Gatens' (Bobblehead)

Matt Gatens is today's College Hoops Bro of the Day for netting a career-high 33 points to help unranked Iowa defeat #16 Wisconsin for the second time this season on a night that will surely be remembered for more than the senior's stellar performance on the hardwood.

2,000 Matt Gatens bobbleheads were distributed at the gates Thursday night. Talk about staying ahead of the competition!

Matt Gatens got the nod from Wisconsin's head coach after the game.

"He's playing really well, and we knew it. It's not like we were surprised," Bo Ryan said. "You've got to give the guy credit when he knocks those kinds of shots down. There was a lot of up hands. It wasn't hand down, man down. Those were tough shots." via ESPN

"It was the second straight career-high for Gatens, who had 30 points in Iowa's win over then-No. 18 Indiana on Sunday." via KCCI

Another notable: Gatens, who's averaged 16 points a game so far this season, had been riding a 12-shot 3-pointer streak, which ended early in the second half.

"As a shooter sometimes you get in those zones, and luckily for me it's going over a few games," Gatens said. "You get in that zone and you don't really care who's on you or where they're at. You just want to get the ball and put it in."

With intensity comes history.

"Matt Gatens surpassed Greg Brunner, Don Nelson and Andre Woolridge & moved into ninth place on Iowa’s all-time scoring chart with 1,536 pts" via @IowaHoops

Congrats to Gatens on earning his first ever B of the D and to Iowa for gettin' that dub.

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