Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bro of the Day: Kenny Powers

Kenny Powers lands his first B of the D for his recent take on the whole TeBROwmania saga.

Honorable Mention B of the D goes out to for acquiring and posting Kenny's letter, completely unedited.

Thousands of writers tried to tune in on the madness, but the words of compassion and historical corroboration that Mr. Powers laid out for Timmy tha kid in the below aggregation dwarfs all.

Not to mention Season 3 of Eastbound & Down starts February 19 on HBO.

With football season over, we asked the most important athlete of our age to try to make sense of the mystical experience that was Tebowmania. He said yes, on one condition: that we not alter a single word of his piece. For better or worse, we agreed.

"As Yogi Berra famously said, "it's like Deja Vu came all over itself again."

"The more I read about Tim Tebow, the more I see similarities to my own life story. Our story begins with a young mother- to-be who wants an abortion. Instead, she mans up and has the baby, giving birth to a son-child.

"This special son-child makes a life out of bucking the odds. Though neither the strongest nor the fastest, he excels at sports. Many experts doubt the remarkable lad. They tell him he throws funny, and that he doesn't have the right physique for the game. It's science, they say. He'll only go so far.

"But the Gifted Young Athlete refuses to let the doubters shit in his Wheaties. To hell with science. The Gifted Young Athlete knows that he has something stronger. He has God on his side. So he presses on and keeps a good attitude, and every time he beats the odds in life he proves the experts wrong.

"Next thing you know, there are folks calling it a miracle. Maybe the Gifted Young Athlete is blessed by the Almighty, they say. Perhaps he really does have a fucking angel on his shoulder..."

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