Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bro of the Day: Deron Williams

By Jake Heston

While most people took off from work on Monday to honor Presidents' Day, Deron Williams went to work, scorching the Knicks from behind the arch, hitting a career-high eight three pointers as the Nets thwarted any idea of a smooth return to the floor for Carmelo Anthony and Baron Davis.

Last time the two tri-state, cross-river foes faced each other, an unsung hero, who many then considered to be an NBA bust, took the world by storm and surely D-Will by surprise as the reign that is Linsanity began. But in watching Monday night's rematch it wasn’t hard to tell that Williams took that loss personally - this time around brutally assaulting Lin and the Knicks, going for a season high 38 points with 6 dimes on the side.

"I don't really watch SportsCenter, I don’t really watch too many games, but I do see Twitter," Williams told reporters Monday night. "And every three lines was, 'Jeremy Lin destroys Deron Williams' in the first game. So I definitely took offense to that."

Williams said he's had Monday's rematch with Lin and the Knicks circled on his calendar ever since. "When somebody says they destroyed you, and you watch the tape and you don’t feel like you got destroyed, you circle those types of games," he said.

Congrats to D-Will for putting the Nets on his back, Lin in his rearview, and for earning his first career SBz #BotD.

The Big Picture

Will Deron Williams stay with the Nets? I honestly don’t see it happening. He has gone out of his way and made it publicly clear that unless the Nets can find a way to acquire Dwight Howard, he’s taking his talents to a big market team that has real NBA Championship contentions.

A little advice to all Nets fans: abandon ship and hop on board the Knicks bandwagon. Nets fans need to admit that it is highly likely that their squad will be relocating to Brooklyn with no face for the franchise.

Owner Mikhail Prokhorov clearly showed he's not as mentally invested in the franchise as we thought he was when he announced his candidacy for the Russian Presidency. So who’s going to be the one pulling the strings in the office? Don’t say Jay-Z, Beyonce will clearly have him on lock down after having their first child.

Nets fans, you're looking at an even longer drought than you predicted, but then again - it's not too late to side with LinCity.

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