Tuesday, February 14, 2012

BRO of the Day: Jeremy Lin (Duh)

B of the D has never been easier.

... ... ...

Jeremy Lin's Knicks down eight points with two minutes left in the fourth quarter against the Raptors in Toronto last night, the headlines were starting to form:

"Knicks LinStreak Ends as Amar'e Returns"

"Stat's Back, Lin's Loss equals Melodrama in NYC"

Oh the laughter-to-come! How ironic it would be that upon Stat's return, Jeremy Lin's momentum would dissipate? And with Carmelo in the rafters? It was sure to be a confusing day for sports fans across the country.

But Lin wasn't having it. 

Oh and the kicker? He's off his broz' couch.

"Take me to the Trump Towers, please."

Glad to see Amar'e back in action...RIP Hazell Staudemire.

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