Monday, January 30, 2012

Bro of the Day: Shaun White Keeps It 100

.. .. ..

En route to his inevitable five-peat Gold Medal at the X Games SuperPipe in Aspen, Co., the unwavering White pulled off what many thought to be impossible: scoring a perfect 100 (during his victory lap).

Killing the Game, the Flying Tomato is.

Similar to last year's competition, White suffered a 'games-threatening ankle injury prior to destroying the wimpy field with the highest score of all time.

So begs the question: should all other professional snowboarders call the quits?

White is beyond Jordan. He's surpassed Ali, doused Brady and if professional snowboarders had a president, he'd make Obama look like Newt Gingrich. Simply put: Shaun White has turned professional snowboarding into a mockery.

Watch Shaun's perfect 100, as the announcers literally go silent, their brains simply, for lack of a better word, frozen, fallen victim to the sweet swells of the Flying Tomato:

Thank you, Shaun White, for making Bro of the Day easier than Sal Masekela's job.

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