Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tim Tebow's Road to the Super Bowl MVP, Season 2, Week 14

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"#15, in the blue and orange, with the ball in his hand," he said.

"What about him?"

"He has potential to be the greatest NFL player of all time."

Tim Tebow is beyond Godly. His devout and systematic approach to the game is perhaps only paralleled by his relentless will to remain true to his faith. No other player in today's game has consistently proven more people wrong than T - no man in America, be he in business, economics, sports, politics, religion or education, has stood the test of time, looked to the masses, his teammates, square in the face and said the words, "this is our time," quite like Tim Tebow.

Drafted 25th overall going into the 2010 NFL season, his stock was low, as many "experts" and common folk alike claimed he would never excel in the NFL.

Owners and executives balked at the idea of a possible "revolutionary" quarterback.

Did they not remember when Tim threw for 32 touchdowns and rushed for 23 during his sophomore season at Florida? When he broke the SEC career rushing touchdowns record his senior year (57), which was previously held by former Georgia running back Herschel Walker? Did they forget his last college game, in which he shattered the record for most total yards in a BCS game (533) and threw for four touchdowns against Cincinnati after missing out on the national championship game because of an earlier loss to Alabama which saw Tim Tebow cry tears of passion, about which Terrel Owens most likely wrote in his journal?

On what criteria did we as a country measure Ryan Leaf when he was drafted?

His college stats, right?

From where did we "pool" our information when we considered the NFL potential of Eli Manning?

His college stats?

How did we go about critiquing Tom Brady, and every single player ever to be drafted to the NFL?

College stats?

I thought so.

So why not Tebow? Did his religion blind us, or, was he so amazingly peerless at football that we couldn't fathom his existence?

Why was it that the masses fell victim to the "expert's" ploys to break free from Tebow's concrete stat lines, the best college football has ever seen mind you, and focus on the negative "intangibles?"

Jesus! (pun intended)

Skip to the now.

It's Week 14 in the NFL: Tebow is 6-1 as a starter with a 9/1 TD/INT ratio.

And those same experts, common folk who doubted him are now on his jock!

I love it, America! Love it!

NFL Magazine has him on the cover of their holiday special issue!

The reality is that Tebow has more come-from-behind wins in the last seven weeks than his entire sex life.

But has Tebow truly earned all said hyperbole and flattery? This season is far from over, and though it's already inevitably a memorable one, it has immortal potential.

Tebow's current streak is similar to when a young LeBron James scored a career-high 48 point playoff performance, netting the Cavaliers' final 25 points of the game, including all 18 points in overtime making it two straight two-point wins at the Palace in Game 5 against the Pistons in '07.

The Cavs were hot that year, and LeBron had the opportunity to achieve the title of greatest basketball player of all time had they gone on to win in the Finals. Low and behold they went on to get swept by the Spurs.

Tebow is looking at the same type of opportunity right now, and I believe he can overcome where LeBron fell.

For he has his God on his side.

Tim Tebow is winning the Super Bowl MVP this year so help him God. You heard it here!

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GEORGIA 10, FLORIDA 49 -- Tim Tebow ran for three touchdowns and threw a pair of scoring passes, as fifth-ranked Florida rolled to rout Georgia in Jacksonville and took control of the SEC East.

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