Friday, December 9, 2011

Taking a goal celebration too far?

By Jason Klau
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Hockey, more than any other sport, has a way of policing itself. If a score needs to be settled, the players take care of it. If a player deserves to be hit, he usually gets hit.

One instance for which a player will regularly receive his come 'uppins is for over-celebrating a goal, and while crazy goal celebrations aren't a typical thing in the NHL, sometimes players get a little bit out of line. That was the case with Artem Anisimov's goal against the Tampa Bay Lightning:

I'm all for having fun. And I don't think inventive goal celebrations should be censored. But when it starts to mock another team, or player, that's goes too far.

The ensuing brawl is a testament to the code of honor that needs to exist in any sport. In the end, Tampa got the last laugh with a late-game, tying goal and an eventual shootout victory, avenging their recent loss to the Rangers.

I'm a Rangers fan, and Artem Anisimov is a talented young player who is integral to the Rangers future success. But his actions should not be accepted. Disciplinary action obviously should not be taken, but its good to see that the players enforced their own justice.

This isnt the first time Tampa has been victimized by over the top goal celebrations though.

Check out Ovie's 50th goal celebration a few years back:

I guess the code doesn't apply to stars?

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