Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ralph Nader's Latest Ploy to Sabotage America: Ruin Christmas

By John Woods

Ralph Nader isn’t satisfied with just sabotaging America in general; he wants to ruin our Christmases also. 

This week he posted an open letter to David Stern asking why the NBA is playing a triple-header on Christmas Day. 

“I urge you to reconsider the Christmas day NBA overload in a spirit of decency, regard and recognition as to how this will disrupt family gatherings throughout the day with predictable arguments between children and parents about watching the games instead of spending quality time with siblings, parents, relatives and friends.”

Guess what my siblings, parents, relatives and friends do every the NBA.

The first thing my brother said when the NBPA decertified:

“What the hell are we going to do on Christmas?”

Our best idea, besides the Bears-Packers game, was to play multi-player Goldeneye. That’s both a testament to how fun the game is 15 years later and a realization that we had nothing better to do. Except, as Nader would have us do, spend quality time with the family.

I look forward to NBA on Xmas every year, just like the NFL on Thanksgiving or the Masters (often) on Easter. Which, not coincidentally, are the other two holidays I have to spend with my extended family. The NBA’s one of the few things we can all agree to watch. I don’t know what kind of parallel universe Ralph Nader’s living in where everyone actually wants to see his relatives on Christmas.

What’s so wrong about basketball on Christmas, Mr Nader? Nobody complains about NFL games on Thanksgiving. And the NBA’s been playing on Christmas almost as long, since 1947. That’s longer than the Cowboys have been on Thanksgiving. Is it because the holiday’s too “commercial?” Canceling a few basketball games isn’t going to do anything to help make it less commercial. Sports are as ingrained into American holidays as all of the other traditions that Ralph Nader speaks about. I’ve grown up with Shaq and Kobe on Christmas as much as with my cousins.

This year the NBA on Christmas is extra special.

We get Knicks/Celtics to open the day, with Melo trying to get both revenge for last year and a good enough team to have CP3 sign for the mid-level next year. (And my brother having to explain why he rooted for Boston last year because Shaq was a Celtic.) Then a rematch of the best NBA finals in recent memory follows at 2:30, with Kobe and the long-lost Lakers against Rose and the Bulls at 5.

Interestingly, the same day Nader's letter was posted, two more games were added!

Magic at Thunder at 8 sees Durant, for the team he’ll play for his whole career, facing Howard, for the last time before he continues to copy Shaq and becomes a Laker. 

And the over/under in the Clippers/Warriors game at  10:30 should be set at 300.

So take your pick, is it NBA on Christmas Day, or Yule Log?

America'll take both, Nader.

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